The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father Spoke On the Cheon Il Guk Activity

Michael Jenkins
January 15, 2003

Dear Family,

Father continues to prepare for the Holy Cheon Il Guk Blessing by retracing the steps of his early pioneer days. He visited Cheju and Pusan today. He shared some insights that were passed on to us at Chung Pyung. The following is my own brief summary from reports that I've heard.

Because the substantial foundation for Cheon Il Guk was not established with Christianity after WWII, Father had to walk the wilderness course and establish the conditions to regain all that was lost. He established True Parents position through their Holy Wedding on a conditional foundation. Through the wilderness course Father had to create the third Israel and through it fulfill the conditions that the Second Israel should have established. Father gained all that was lost primarily on a Worldwide foundation represented by his course in America which represents the world.

He regained Christianity and established the foundation for the total liberation of heaven and earth. He established the foundation of Blessed Central Families representing all religions, races and nations and through the registration blessing set the condition that qualified them to be members of God's Kingdom, Cheon Il Guk. On the foundation of these registered blessed couples the Coronation of God could occur which opened the door for the authority of God to be manifested bringing the judgement of the last days. As the Principle teaches, the judgement of the last days is coming based on the word. Thus the significance of Hoon Dok Hae and all of our speaking tours, rallies and conferences. Father's proclamation and living of the Word brought the walls down and reclaimed what was lost.

Father shared that he always sets conditions at Chung Pyung for big providential time periods. For instance, before Father left for his course in America in the early 70's Father made conditions at Chung Pyung lake. Father mentioned that the leaders at the 50 Day workshop in Chung Pyung are setting the internal indemnity conditions needed to secure the Fatherland and successfully launch the Cheon Il Guk - Pyun Hwa Tong Il Kajong Tang (House of Peace and Unification for Families in Cheon Il Guk.) This movement (House of Peace) is centering on the families, their homes and their neighborhoods. The victory concerning the Unification of the Fatherland will be decided on the Family/ Neighborhood level.

If Jesus could have established True Parents on earth and expanded and blessed his tribe and a representation of the tribes of Israel, his foundation would have covered all of Israel. From that position he would have gained the support of the Priests of Israel, established Ambassadors for Peace and he would then have been Coronated King of Israel. Now True Father must walk this same path with the same components. The Priests are represented by two groups, first those going through the Chung Pyung course. They must set strong conditions and absolutely support True Father. The Second group of priests are the Blessed Central Families 2400 (Korean, Japanese and American) who (through the 7 day course) are going to every neighborhood with the leaders from Chung Pyung to touch every district of Korea. With the support of these Priests Father can touch the hearts of the tribes. Therefore our role is to go to every district of Korea and touch the hearts of the people of the third Israel (Korea) represented by the tribes that were blessed by our members (160 / 185 couples).

We now must go and activate these tribes. The third component is the Ambassadors for Peace. They represent the archangel. The Priests, the tribes and the Amb. for Peace must go to touch the Families / neighborhood. If this happened at the time of Jesus, with the Priests, the Tribe and the Ambassadors in support he could have become King of God's chosen people with a substantial nation. This is why the Coronation of Father as King of All Blessed Families is so crucial now. This is full restoration.

Now is a the final hour of God's dispensation. The victory is in our hands if we lift up the Lord with Absolute faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience.

The Elder Son Nation will have the power to fulfill her destiny if the people that are chosen as the central people in Completed Testament Age rise up to make a representative condition on behalf of the nation. If the representatives fulfill then the Elder Son Nation will receive the blessing needed to stand correctly. The Fatherland will become secure and the Cheon Il Guk will rapidly expand with peace and love.



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