The Words of the Jenkins Family

Registration Online And The Current Time

Michael Jenkins
January 17, 2003

Dear Family,

Once again we feel gratitude to God and True Parents for the conditions they made for the victory in this final phase of God's dispensation. The Unification of the Fatherland. The expansion of the Kingdom of God (Cheon Il Guk). The establishment of a "Family System" "Cheon Il Guk - Kajong Pyun Hwa Tong A "(The House of Peace and Unification of the Families in Cheon Il Guk). This was inaugurated by True Father on the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship Anniversary. It represents a community based/ blessed family system that is the key to the Unification of the nation. Every neighborhood will have Priests (leaders / blessed central families of the FFWPU), Ambassadors for Peace and the tribal foundation of the blessed couples (160 / 180 relatives and non relatives - representing the tribes of Israel).

The response of America and the sacrifices our members are making now are comforting to God's heart. This is an important hour. Yesterday on our conference call the regional committees reported that 1870 have been confirmed. But we must note that so far the online registration is 1220. Please encourage everyone to get their registration in. This is very important now.

Also, please be prayerful and vigilant. To secure 2400 we have to give our very best. We really have to reach out and educate and embrace everyone at this time. We have to financially support others who otherwise can't make it. We need to find babysitters and everything and anything that is needed to liberate someone so they can be blessed in the Cheon Il Guk Blessing of True Parents and all blessed couples. Don't let up at this time.

North Korea's rejection of America's diplomatic offers have seriously changed the atmosphere in Korea. At Chung Pyung in the last couple days there have been constant passovers by American fighter jets. Please be serious and yet lean our your faith.

True Parents have prepared and trained us all of our lives for this particular time. We will bring the victory for heaven and earth.

Reach out and bring one or two more representatives of the Blessed families and we will be ready to truly embrace the Fatherland.

PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE (If you can't register by hard copy and fax with your regional headquarters.)

Sincerely, Your brother,


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