The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father's Words

Michael Jenkins
January 27, 2003

Dear Family,

Thank you for your tremendous efforts. We must keep pushing forward to ensure that 2400 come. Now there are many, many individuals donating to sponsor people to come. This is the heart that God has been longing for.

Please read the Way of Unification (green bound - 1 book or the same text in the 12 book Hoon Dok Hae series, white bound books 2.1 and 2.2) This text will give you the best possible preparation for our work to secure the Fatherland.

The time we are in is directly parallel to the time just after WWII in which America had total dominance on the world scene. If America had understood her responsibility then communism could have been defeated at that time. Korea would not have been divided. What condition was needed for America to have such an understanding? If the Korean Christian leaders who were prepared by God would have received Father, the conditions would have been set for Father's teaching to come to America. Because Christianity failed ultimately America lost its will and for the first time in her history retreated from a war. This was the birth of the global division of Communism and the Free World.

"To end the history of God's resentment, God's providential Will is now developing centered on the Korean peninsula. In order to establish the nation of the Adam culture here on the Korean peninsula as God has willed, you Christians and the Unification Church must unite! Please know that this is the mission of Jesus Christ and Christianity from the viewpoint of God's will." Chapter 1, Section 3

"Korea was established under the protection of Christian nations of the democratic world. At that time, Rev. Moon had expected to start in the highest position with the famous leaders who founded a country in order to fulfill it's destiny of the new Providence. Then, because the ministers who were representative of the Christian Church were opposed to Rev. Moon, God's will was blocked everywhere. All this has not been explained until now. The content I am talking about is totally new. Korea was a nation formed on God's side centering on the Christian Church. Because a few ministers who represented Christianity were opposed to Rev. Moon, a way opened that nationwide the Christian churches could oppose Rev. Moon. Rev. Moon had prepared everything for this for three years from 1945 to 1948. In this period, Rev Moon worked individually. But nobody knew that he had a historical mission. Because I was in that position the Christian Church could oppose Rev. Moon. I knew that God prepared a lot of spiritual groups. Even though God prepared internally, if the Christian Church opposes with the rest of the nation, it is in the position of Judaism and Israel which opposed Jesus Christ." Chapter 3, Section 3

Because of the failure of key Christians to support True Father all of Christianity lost its place. As an indemnity condition, Korea had to be divided like an offering on the altar.

Because Christianity could not receive Heaven's views then America lost its way and allowed Korea to be divided. It was a serious mistake in God's providence.

Father's life course, particularly in America was to regain the Christian foundation and then allow America to stand in the center and win the battle on the final stage against communism. Because America allowed Korea to divide, America must play the central role in bringing Unification. Father has now reclaimed the Christian foundation and representative the second Israel of America, we together with representative Christian ministers are now coming to bring Unification.

This is the meaning of the Cheon Il Guk activity. We, the internal representatives of America are now coming representing the nation of America to set the condition to heal this divided land. We must keep our mind and heart clear so that we, as the representative religious body of the second Israel will restore the failure of the Christians after WWII. We must now ignite a revival among the Christian churches here. This is our most serious challenge. However, Jesus is with us and so are all the myriads coming down from heaven. We will reach out to Christianity here. We will not falter in our appointed duty. God is on our side.

Victory is assured. Why?

2400 have set the condition to unite with the Lord.

Thanks America.



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