The Words of the Jenkins Family

First Stage of Victory - 2416 Online Registrations Have Been Achieved

Michael Jenkins
January 27, 2003

Dear Family,

Victory is now offered to heaven. America has crossed 2416 online registrations. We give thanks to God and our True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim and all of True Family for 33 years of blood, sweat and tears poured into the heart of America and our Blessed Central Families. On this foundation we are now responding to Father's first substantial direction to America since he concluded his direct ministry in the Elder Son Nation. We now have a faithful report!! (Dr. Yang will report this in the next hour at breakfast.) We are also inspired that the substantial crossing of the line occurred on the 38th day of our 50 day workshop in Korea. Because of this we will link this day in prayer to the 38th Parallel which is destined to completely opened.

We give thanks to Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, Mr. Joo and all of our leadership both in Chung Pyung and in America for laying the conditions both internally and externally for this offering to be realized. Especially our continental leader, Dr. Yang who directly led this effort.

In particular, we thank our Blessed Central Families, who are going beyond their limits in family after family to fulfill Father's direction that we Unify the Fatherland.

This is the first phase of our victory. Next, after we cry together and thank God at our altars in our homes or churches, let us begin the next phase with confidence. We must now, through prayer and careful follow-up ensure that all make it to the Fatherland.

Then we must go to our districts bearing gifts, love and inspiration to give hope that the dark and seemingly endless indemnity course of this chosen nation of Korea is finally coming to an end. Let us go with a sacrificial mind and heart, filled with the love of our True Parents in such a way that we will fulfill our objective: To proclaim True Parents love and victory centering on their birthday celebration, To build a family based peace movement in every district of the Fatherland. That every district will blossom with Blessed Central Families and that the Priests, Ambassadors and the Tribes of the third Israel will become one centering on the newly Coronated King of the Blessed Families of the Cosmic Parents and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Let us make a holy covenant with God that on this holy Altar of history we will begin a new march. A march that will begin a process in which our whole being and prayer will pour into our registered districts first for 7 days and then continuously until the Fatherland becomes one.

God has prepared the Blessed Central Families of the Fatherland, Motherland and Elder Son Nation for this hour. The Second Israel of America and Christianity will follow the lead of the Blessed Central Families (the Priests of Israel).

Today let us set aside time to give thanks to God and our True Parents.

Thanks America.

See you in the Fatherland!!!



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