The Words of the Jenkins Family

Americans Are Streaming Through The Gates

Michael Jenkins
January 30, 2003

Dear Family,

American brothers and sisters are streaming through the gates at Chung Pyung. Every day more and more arrive. Many have come, who are not candidates for the Cheon Il Guk award but simply wanted to come early for purification and to prepare to save the Fatherland through the Cheon Il Guk activity.

There is a look on brothers and sisters faces that is so beautiful when they arrive. They are proud and excited that they didn't miss this historic dispensation. Many come up to the 50 day participants and say, " I'm here, I made it. We're with you!!" Incredible stories are now being recorded in history of the sacrifices that families are making to be here. Any family that sacrifices for the sake of the world and the eternal Kingdom of God will definitely prosper. It is the Principle.

In preparation I sincerely ask that our American family pray and set conditions for victory. Pray that the we, the Blessed Central Families of the America movement that have assembled on the soil of this holy land, will fulfill our destiny as the Elder Son. That we will rise up to fully shoulder the responsibility that America has been blessed to bear.

That we will somehow ignite an ongoing permanent effort to turn the focus of our hearts and sacrifices toward one objective. To bring North and South together as one and secure once and forever God's nation. Let us begin the a permanent ongoing effort to pour love and prayer into the people of the cities our wives received as registered blessed couples.

God has been longing for this day. Father said that God is weeping over this hour.

Why? Because for 6000 years through God's suffering course of tears he has always longed for this day. Now God's hope is changing from a dream into reality. God always hoped to be honored by his children as the True God and True Father - this hope became reality during the Coronation Ceremony.

God always hoped that he could see the day when he could honor and crown his son and daughter as the King of humanity - this hope is becoming a reality through the Coronation of the King of Blessed Families and the Third Level Holy Wedding of our True Parents.

God has always hoped to have a nation under his sovereignty. That hope will definitely be realized now through the Cheon Il Guk Activity and the fact that the Elder Son has shown up for the battle. God's hope will become a reality. By 2004 our prayer and Father's desire is that there be a total and peaceful reconciliation of North and South and that God's Fatherland will stand for eternity as the center of Cheon Il Guk. --- The Kingdom of God on earth. History is in our hands. It will be achieved - Father has the power -- and now --- you have the power. Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, Absolute Obedience. This will rapidly bring the walls down and usher in the Kingdom of God.

Thank you beloved blessed central families. Your sacrifices are making you so beautiful in the eyes of both heaven and earth.

Thanks America.


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