The Words of the Jenkins Family

We Just Completed 40 Days At Chung Pyung - Now On To 50

Michael Jenkins
January 30, 2003

Dear Family,

Last night we finished 40 days at Chung Pyung. Father has just arrived here by helicopter.

For the last week American brothers and sisters have been coming to Chung Pyung to join the Heavenly dispensation to establish the Fatherland. So many came early just to prepare themselves through prayer and purification for the Cheon Il Guk Blessing and Activity.

The sense of destiny and history is upon us. Let us prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for the journey before us. We are an historical people who have awakened to the Second Coming of Christ. Now the Marriage of the Lamb is unfolding on the final stage of history. This third level of blessing and the Coronation of True Father as King is founded on a faithful body representing all races, religions and nations are now secured who understand and believe in the Lord.

Though the indemnity course was long and seemingly endless, the course has come to a victorious conclusion. The Restoration history has now been changed into the time of Sovereignty and dominion. The turning point of this transition was the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship. Now, although the principle of indemnity is still the key to unlocking God's blessing, indemnity is no longer only paying and restoring that past. Now, after the Coronation Ceremony, indemnity conditions, when properly offered, allow God to directly claim, advance and expand God's territory, people, land and sovereignty. Now the focal point of God's dispensation is to establish a central nation for the Cheon Il Guk.

So often, we do not know what Father is doing or how he is preparing for the next dispensation. Every time I went fishing with Father, especially when it was on a cold day on the Hudson river, Father would sit at the back of the boat on a large flat raised area like area with his legs crossed. He sits on a thick folded blanket and usually has a blanket over his legs. Before him sits approximately 8 fishing poles. Father sits and watches the lines. When he senses the presence of a fish his arm snaps out and grabs the pole with lightning speed. During these times, it has become clear to me that Father is praying, thinking and planning. The natural elements of the wind, water and fish completely dominate the atmosphere so that there is no conversation. Father is in prayer and deeply thinking about the providence. He directly relates with God and discusses how to move to the next dispensation.

The more I am around True Parents the more I realize that I have understood so little about what is really going on centering on Father. The more I understand, the more I realize how we should just follow. He is the center of all history - of all eternity. When Father traveled the 50 states in 2001 another side of Father came out. Although Father and Mother stand as the central axis of God's dispensation they still also have the amazing ability and heart to stand horizontally and comfortably in the center of brothers and sisters, clergy, Presidents, heads of state, royalty, fishermen or laborers. Father is very comfortable leading us directly from the front line from one challenge to the next. He did this on the 50 States tour of America.

Father was so great to be with - although its not easy. The essence of Father is love. To experience that love we must become a perfect object. Then the love flows. Father appreciates so much the sincerity of our brothers and sisters. An attitude of no resistance and a heart of commitment gives the best support to True Father. (It liberates Father to find no resistance in us. This is one of the most amazing qualities about True Mother. No resistance. This doesn't mean that Mother just easily sacrifices everything and follows. I saw many situations in which everything that was planned (schedule etc.) was changed and suddenly Mother would find herself going to 40 nations. But she would completely unite with no thought of herself. Not only that, in the midst of her suffering she would turn and be more loving and kind to us. She never once, through all the speaking tours and other events, let her tension surface.)

One day, Father asked, "What was the most important thing I did on the 50 state tour." Many answers came, some said, because Father could bring Christian ministers together and inspire the people. Others said different things, but Father said, "I did Hoon Dok with the Coronation Ceremony Speech in every state. I planted God's word concerning this historical turning point into the soil of the spirit world of each state. It will become like a pillar or rallying point for that state to change and enter the Kingdom. If I missed even one state the spirit world of that state would accuse me with great resentment." Thus the Coronation Ceremony is the key to understanding that our power and authority centering on God and True Parents has completely changed. We have the power to claim God's territory, land, people and sovereignty. --- If we have the faith.

On the foundation of the Coronation Ceremony - God could have dominion. The foundation for the Coronation Ceremony and for God to have dominion was in True Parents victory and the registration blessing. This allowed Father to Coronate God. (For the Coronation there had to be an a pure foundation of people loyal to God and True Parents representing every race, religion, nation and culture of mankind. By drinking the Holy Wine, True Parents could claim these families as pure and loyal subjects and then they could be blessed on the second level. The national level registration blessing.)

Let us realize that a very great condition of Indemnity had to be offered directly by our True Parents for us. We should never have had to drink the Holy Wine before the registration blessing. Therefore, because we allowed impurity to come into our families and even our second generation, Father had to give the Holy Wine again. Can he just freely give Holy Wine after we make mistakes and then forgive? No. Absolutely not. Therefore we really don't know what indemnity condition was set by our True Parents. But we can be sure. A very deep condition had to be established for us to receive grace and freely drink the Holy Wine again.

Then we could receive the registration blessing and the Coronation Ceremony could be established. From that point Blessed Couples were given a new title. "Blessed Central Family" and we were given the authority and inheritance of our True Parents in that we could report to God in our own names.

And so it is with Chung Pyung. A condition has been established through the sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim to allow God to give us the grace to be forgiven and receive grace and cleansing for our ancestral sin and our collective sin. Father said that the same power of grace that was manifested by Jesus and the Holy Spirit is now manifested through Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Grace abounds. There is also a power that exists here to completely cleanse us from the spirit world which is trying to hurt us due to their resentment to our ancestors. Because our ancestors violated people those people try to get liberated from their resentment by attacking us. Through Chung Pyung we repent and they are liberated. They are taken to a workshop in the spirit world with Heung Jin Nim for 100 days. (Father recently had us read this testimony from Heung Jin Nim concerning what is done with the people who are liberated. This testimony is attached for your study.)

Through the 2400 representing every family of America we will wash our robes and receive God and True Parent's blessing on the third and final world level. We represent the journey of the chosen people in following Moses. This time however let us resolve that we will properly "settle" the new Fatherland. Soon the 38th parallel will come down. Blessed Central Families are coming to Chung Pyung and then going out to bring True Parents victory in their 33 year course out to the tribes of the third Israel.

This is our time. Claim your inheritance Beloved Blessed Central Families. Claim God's land and establish his son as King of Humanity.



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