The Words of the Jenkins Family

2500 Are Now Arriving At Chung Pyung

Michael Jenkins
February 2, 2003

Dear Family,

It's like one giant family reunion here. 5000 people are here now. Every nation is represented. Europe, East Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Russian, South and Central America, all Island Nations, North America, all providential nations (Korea, Japan and America.) I want to thank all the brothers and sisters throughout the world for their prayers and tearful support for True Parents dispensation. Members from the whole world are coming for the blessing and then enthusiastically signing up to go to their registered area in the Fatherland. Email is pouring in from all nations as the world of Blessed Central Families watches each moment with anticipation as the providence unfolds in Korea.

Thank You World Family. Together we will bring victory, Please unite as one with one heart. Centering on your continental leaders and Rev. Kwak, let us pour the foundation of True Father's indemnity that has been established in your hearts and in your nations into the Fatherland. The sacrifice and suffering of our True Parents has now opened the gate of Cheon Il Guk. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The third and final stage of blessing is now being offered for all. Then we must secure the Fatherland. We begin with 7 days of Cheon Il Guk activity but our hearts will never rest until the Fatherland becomes the sovereign nation of the Kingdom of God.

Sacrifice and see the Coronation of Our King!! Matt:5:10: Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Your suffering has guaranteed that dawning of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Every morning we meet Father for Hoon Dok Hae. We are reading the "Way of Unification" which is incredible education on God's providence on the Unification of North and South. This is important to read at this time.

Today we read,

"The Christian Church should try to make unity with the will which is trying to accomplish God's will centering on Jesus Christ. And then, the Lord of the Second Advent comes to the earth, and connects with physical, and does a liberation campaign throughout the world.

Where is the central nation in East Asia and Asia? It is not Japan, not China and not East Asia. You should know that it is Korea. So, Korea is divided into two like a sacrificial offering. Korea is divided into God's side and Satan's side. Abraham also divided the sacrificial offering. South Korea and North Korea are fighting with each other centering on Panmunjoum, which is on the line to divide North and South Korea. There is only one place, which is Panmunjoum, in the world that God's side and Satan's side hold as their own land. It is like the court where God and Satan fight each other."

Korea, our Fatherland stands squarely in the center of the Providence. Father made it clear recently that America must repair what was not done at the time after World War II in which Korea should have been totally liberated and Communism erased. The chance first appeared when Christianity was prepared to receive our True Parents after World War II. The second chance came when world Christianity (represented by 16 nations) came to Korea during the Korean war. Those nations could not see the providence and Korea was divided as an offering.

Now, all the nations of the world come to Korea again. This time with the heart of God to save the people from the North and the South and heal the land of our inheritance. We must resolve in this holy hour never to waiver in our solemn commitment to fulfill our responsibility before heaven.

Let us now pledge to God and True Parents as we are about to receive their holy blessing that we have become new Sons and Daughters and we will now stand as Elder and Younger Brother nations of the World to liberate God and all humanity.

Victory is assured if we press forward now until the walls come down. God is on our side. True Parents have the eternal foundation of indemnity and the restoration of all that was lost has occured. The Lord is returning with his "Myriads" composed of our Ancestors, angels and all of the Heavenly spirit world.

Rise up World family. We are now all of one citizenship, the citizens of the Kingdom of God (Cheon Il Guk).

Thanks World Family.

We are One.


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