The Words of the Jenkins Family

Cheon Il Guk Blessing, Coronation and 2550 Depart For 253 Cities In Korea

Michael Jenkins
February 10, 2003

Dear Family,

Almost 2600 Blessed members (including Europeans and international members) departed by bus on the 8th of Feb from Chung Pyung. Families are deeply We have arrived now in communities all over Korea. The Fatherland is awakening with great expectations.

If you check out the web site you can get much on the Cheon Il Guk Blessing and the glorious Coronation Ceremony for the True King of all Blessed Families. I'll send more latter. Email access is limited.

I'm in Cheong Do with my wife and son and 8 other Americans and 3 Japanese members. We had Sunday service this morning. The Korean family members are so excited to see us. They heard so much about the breakthroughs with Christian leaders believing in Father. It was so beautiful to see the members from every possible background and history in our movement. Some brand new members, some who are joining a public activity for the first time in 20 years! Members heart have one incredibly deep come thread. They love True Father and True Mother. When Father and Mother really need them they come out. Now is our time to shine.

Thanks for your prayers America and World Family.

Please set conditions for the breakthrough in our Cheon Il Guk activity.

Special thanks to Rev. Michael Leone. He welcomed almost every single family when they came into Chung Pyung. An estimated 10,000 were at Chung Pyung the night of Feb. 5. It was incredible. Some nights brothers and sisters from America would arrive at 3 am. (300 arrived one night like that). Mike Leone was there to help them. The space was incredibly crowded. You had to get your sleeping bag and find, not a space , but a crevice between to people to squeeze in. (Brothers and sisters were separate.) The incredible spirit of America (the American Can Do spirit is totally in the drivers seat). So many members were expressing incredible attitude of faith. One American sister came and said," I'm so honored to be here for this moment of eternity. The final and complete Holy Wedding of our True Parents. The sleeping bags are wonderful. I haven't felt a feeling like this since I joined 28 years ago. I feel like a just joined and have that exciting feeling about True Parents. I'm so excited to be here. I'm meeting all my brothers and sisters here, I can't believe how faithful they are. It's a new beginning for our movement. We are one family again."

Thanks America.

God is on his Throne and his son is established forever as the King with the Royal Septer. We now will establish the nation for our King.

Thanks my beloved Blessed Central Families. Your suffering has made you so beautiful in the eyes of God and history.

Our time has come.

Pour out your prayer and support for the Fatherland.



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