The Words of the Jenkins Family

Reflections on the Cheon Il Guk Blessing

Michael Jenkins
February 11, 2003

Dear Family,

All 2500 plus are out in every small hamlet, village and major city of Korea. I must say the Blessed Central Families of Korea that I have met feel like angels have dropped out of heaven. (I'm sure that is not the case everywhere), but from members that I have talked with from Pusan, to Seoul to Gyeong Ju, there has never been such a massive wave of "missionaries" in the history of our movement. Yes, this is not the first time missionaries hit Korea in full force, the IOWC did so much to fulfill the providence and stop the advance of Communism in the 70's. However, this is the first time we went to the neighborhood level, with our blessed couples. Many testimonies will be posted soon.

Cheon Il Guk Blessing: (Note: World CARP did an excellent report on the blessing. - the following is my reflections that might supplement your understanding.) By 3 AM the main hall at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center was filled with Blessed Central Families all in the Holy Robes and beautiful lavender scarves. Most of the participants had their 8 x 10 Photo of their spouse hanging in front. It was holy and beautiful.

The ceremony wasn't to begin until 7 AM but people didn't care, they were so happy to be part of it. About 10,000 attended. 6,000 upstairs in the main hall. 2000 in the cafeteria downstairs, 1000 in the small hall on the 1st floor and 1000 in Lecture hall 8 on the hillside. All were directly linked with powerful sound and the closed circuit TV projected on large screens. Our brothers and sisters attitudes were so great. It was a fine hour for America, Europe and all the 185 nations of the world. It was quite inspiring to see a sea of blessed couples and yet, unlike many ceremonies at Chung Pyung, this time about one / third were Americans. (So many brothers and some sisters are taller than all the others and so the impact was even greater.) This definitely added to the excitement of the moment. Over 200 dignitaries, heads of state, former presidents, major religious leaders from Christian, Jewish, Sikh faiths and several Nobel prize winners came from the Summit Council Conference held at the Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul.

Then at about 6:40 AM Rev. Sun Jo Hwang the International President of FFWPUI came to guide us. We organized our rows and created a very beautiful and holy atmosphere. Rev. Kwak came as the master of ceremonies. As 7 am approached the anticipation grew to total excitement. Then with glorious music of the Halleluia chorus the Parents of Heaven and Earth prepared to enter the sanctuary. The attendants (all blessed second generation) led the procession. Over their holy robes that had an over garment of dark pink. They entered with grace and order, lining the aisle down the center of the main hall to the stage. The runway was covered with spotless pure white material. It was so pure and bright.

True Parents entered slowly from the right side of the hall (facing the stage) and with great ease and yet historic dignity and honor they proceeded to their left at the entrance following the pure white aisle. They then turned right to the center aisle. There was a huge "gasp" and sigh of amazement as the cameras placed True Parents in full view. We never knew what True Parents would wear. Suddenly we could see True Mother's beautiful white wedding gown, with a long white train. She was more beautiful than ever.

Through all the years of suffering and misery True Parents were fulfilling God's central desire. Proclaiming that their marriage and family would stand as a central pillar and root for all humanity, meant that all the forces of darkness were permitted to do everything and anything to destroy Mother, Father, their marriage and family. She overcame. On this day Mother was serene and beautiful and yet her innocence was so profound that she looked like a beautiful young bride.

Abonim, who bore the cross of restoration, gave his heart and prayer that his life could be used by God to untangle all the conditions of history that were left undone by the central figures of past ages. The journey of their marriage began in the most austere humble setting. Persecution was severe in 1960. The day before the blessing Father was taken to prison. Finally, being innocent, they had to let him go. The 1960 blessing was established in such a dark hour of human history. Christianity was lost and True Father was going through a 40 year wilderness course to recover all the lost conditions. The 1960 Blessing, however has infinite value. It is the internal blessing and root of all the foundation for the change of Blood Lineage from Satan's side to God's side. This blessing allowed the True Parents to begin their path to build a True Family. Every step of their married lives has been a restoration course through indemnity.

In my limited time of having been directly with True Parents, I cannot recall even a moment that I didn't observe and feel that Father is always speaking each word, making each step as an act of providence in which the whole of human history (including the spirit world) is connected. All this and thousands of other providential realizations, memories and thoughts were going through the hearts and minds of the 10,000 gathered. Not to speak of the countless families throughout the world that were watching the web cast.

When Father came into full view many (including Dr. Yang, myself and countless others, both husbands and wives alike) began to weep. The tears that flowed at this moment came for many reasons. Much of it was due to the fact that it was clearly a moment of comfort and joy for God, whose suffering heart never got to see his son in glory. This was the first moment, when all was fulfilled. God was coronated on January 13, 2001. Now, therefore He could enjoy this historical time standing in the proper position as the eternal supported, loved, welcomed, believed in and followed Heavenly Parent.

Father's appearance shocked us. We never imagined that Father would appear in a creamy white tuxedo with tails! It was the consummation of the Marriage of the Lamb in the Cheon Il Guk blessing. However, the marriage brought together the east and the west as True Parents came forward in western attire. East and west are now one in our True Parents. Many wept because it was Father and Mother's day of joy and victory.

So much had been paid for this moment. So much had to be sacrificed but now the day that True Parents prayed and sacrificed for and that God had longed for 6000 years had now come to pass. The Blessing of True Parents on the Cheon Il Guk level completely fulfills all the eternal foundation for the purpose of creation and the ideal of the Family. The foundation is supported by registered blessed families who have gone the prescribed indemnity course as well as the immense indemnity conditions completely restoring all he lost conditions of history. It is on the foundation of True Parents' victory in winning full support from Jesus and all major religious leaders and all of heaven and earth. It comes on the foundation of all the blessings that True Parents have performed covering conditional numbers as well as the four blessings last year that covered representative groups of 144,000 (representing all of Christianity) April 27th, second generation on July 3rd, Moslem/Christian on September 14, and reconciliation of all enemies on Pearl Harbor day December 7th. Father's internal and external foundation is such that the Cheon Il Guk blessing is supported from every possible angle.

The 200 dignitaries of the Summit Council also wore white robes and sat at the right side of the sanctuary (facing the stage). Many testified that the ceremony was a revelation of the real meaning of Father Moon's ministry. One major religious leader of the Sikh tradition told me, "For many, many years, I've been attending these special conferences, however, it was only when I came here to Chung Pyung that I understood the vast depth of Rev. Moon's spirituality. I could feel it here, at his special prayer ground. It is so special here."

True Parents entered the stage area and carefully climbed the stairs. To our surprise they did not do a full Kyung Beh but a bow from the waist. This moved everyone deeply. Father and Mother looked so good. Many commented that they looked like young newly weds. I don't know what it was, maybe their innocence and love, but they definitely looked so young and innocent. (Joe Tully shared something that I concurred with: Father shared that his worst experience in life was when, as a young boy he had to wear a borrowed tuxedo that was too small and didn't fit.

He said it was the most uncomfortable moment of his life. It was embarrassing.

Nothing he could do could hide the fact that it just didn't fit. Joe shared that he was crying when he said to himself, alright Father, the tux fits now!!! You've got it !! Finally your time has come!!).

True Family then came and bowed. Then, facing each other, Father and Mother joined hands and prayed. (Father's placed his right hand over Mother's left hand with his palm down. On the left hand it is reversed with Father's hand on the bottom with palm up and Mother's hand on top.)

Rev. Kwak did the Report to Heaven (Ko Chun Moon) reporting that this was the third level of blessing for our True Parents and was now on the completed foundation necessary for God's eternal True Family.

Then Father did the Holy Water ceremony. (Rev. Kwak noted that Holy Water would only be used by True Parents at the main ceremony and that it would be symbolically conveyed to all humanity through the representatives present.)

Father and Mother then exchanged gifts. Mother gave Father a watch and Father gave mother a ring. Then in a moment that caught all of our hearts they embraced and then kissed!

True Parents have now sealed the marriage forever on the complete foundation that God had always dreamed of. Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, representing all couples, presented a gift to True Parents as the newlyweds on the Cheon Il Guk level.

All of us, standing in our holy robes felt such a sense of hope and pride. That we are standing as sons and daughters of True Parents and that through following the course of our True Parents our marriages will also be made eternally secure and holy.



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