The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father is happy about the mobilization: Congratulations Korea, Japan and America

Michael Jenkins
February 19, 2003

Dear Family,

Dr. Yang asked me to convey to you our gratitude for bringing a total victory in the 2400 mobilization to Korea. This morning Rev. Sun Jo Hwang reported that 3000 Tong Ban Kyok Pa meetings were successfully held in every village of Korea.

We are proud of you America. You fulfilled your responsibility. Also, special thanks to the Korean family. As you can see from the testimonies the American family is overwhelmed by the love of our Korean leaders and brothers and sisters. They really made it so rich and loving that the Korean heart is very "real" to all of us. (For example when we left from the farming village of Cheong Do, Mr. Pak, a beautiful 1800 couple gave each one of our members a huge jar of Kimche and a big bag of cooked delicious rice. We had to squeeze it into our bags because he made all night the night before we left. There was so much love in the bags and the jar that we could never let it go.

Thanks to Dr. Yang for representing us by True Father's side this whole time. Thanks to the American regional directors for solving many problems along with Rev. Doo and Rev. Jim Flynn.

Thanks to our Japanese faithful missionaries.

Especially thanks to our sisters, many of whom laid the indemnity foundation for us through doing lonely 40 day courses long before we came.

Now several hundred members have responded to Father's heart to stay until the 28th. Keep them in your prayers. They are making a very special conditions. Father was happy that so many are responding to the call to go the extra distance for the sake of the world and the Cheon Il Guk. God is working through the heart.

Thanks True Parents for your love to allow us to connect in heart with the Fatherland.

Victory for America.

I have been directed to return immediately. Father asked that thousands of ministers be educated in the DP.

Let's keep the fires of faith burning.

Long live the King of all Humanity !! Long Live the Queen !!

Thanks America.


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