The Words of the Jenkins Family

Cheon Il Guk Activity and the Brothers and Sisters Still in the Fatherland

Michael Jenkins
February 19, 2003

Dear Family,

All members who have remained in Korea on the Mobilization have made a great sacrifice and condition in response to Father's direction. Father is happy.

Yesterday, I was asked to return to America, as were all regional directors. Father is very pleased with the success of the 3000 rallies that were fulfilled by the Cheon Il Guk activity and the 2400 plus who responded from America. We welcomed True Parents back to America tonight and Dr. Yang was asked to read the, "The Principle View of the Holy Wedding of True Parents and the Opening of the Gate to the Cheon Il Guk and the Providential meaning of the Coronation of the King of All Blessed Families." (This is available on our web site at

Over the last few days Father has been emphasizing a new direction for America in relation to supporting the Fatherland. Christian ministers must be educated immediately in the Divine Principle. Eventually this will open the providence for Christian unity and support of our True Parents in the Fatherland.

Clarification For Members Still Doing Cheon Il Guk Activity:

Those brothers and sisters who feel called to continue through the 28th of February should do so. (NOTE: Please keep the same victorious mind throughout your time no matter what challenges you may encounter. The Korean family is universally praising the attitude of Americans - such a willingness to sacrifice - it was a major reason for the respect that Americans gained during this time.)

Their activities should be as follows:

1. Follow up with their best contacts that were made during the rallies.

2. Visit all Blessed Families home to home with the church leader.

3. Expect to be self sufficient and independent. The Korean FFWPU may not be able to support the extension in the same way that they did during the 7 day activity. (This stage of our activity is similar to what our sisters have done during 40 days.)

4. Please call Rev. Ken Doo with questions.

Again, Father's direction is to remain through the 28th. Because of Father's new emphasis concerning the education of Christian leaders, members may return according to their own schedule. Those who feel that it is best for them to remain through the 28th are helping to set the condition that Father has requested and are fulfilling a special purpose.

The condition for victory has already been secured and is sealed. Therefore all members, as owners of Cheon Il Guk may decide for themselves how they should apply this direction to their course.



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