The Words of the Jenkins Family

Prayer Request For Don Marshall - A Great Patriot

Michael Jenkins
February 20, 2003

Dear Family,

Our brother, Don Marshall had just successfully completed the Cheon Il Guk activity together with his wife Ichiko. They were scheduled to return to America on Monday, February 17th. In the early hours of Monday morning (after midnight Sunday), Don couldn't sleep and was having breathing problems. In the early morning hours his wife took him to the hospital (first a smaller facility then larger). On his way to the hospital he had a heart attack and slipped into a coma.

He is now in Yonsei University Hospital about 2 hours from Seoul. He is receiving world class medical treatment. Prospects for recovery are very small.

Don is a truly great African American brother who has served the church extensively in Ohio both with Rev. Doo and Rev. Lee. During the last few years, he came to our church headquarters in Columbus almost daily to help the Japanese missionaries do their work. He is an outstanding man of faith and love. Don and Ichiko have no children. Don and Ichiko are a model Blessed Family that went beyond race and nationality to become God's couple.

Rev. Lee shared with me that Don had similar conditions before. Knowing this, his wife and his sister tried to stop him from making the trip at this time. Somehow Don would not change. He shared with his wife that, "This is the time that I must come totally dedicate my life to save the Fatherland." Don could not be moved from his determination. During his 7 day Cheon Il Guk activity he worked very hard and was healthy the whole time.

We ask all Blessed Central Families worldwide to pray for our brother Don and Ichiko his wife. Dr. Yang and Rev. Hwang reported the situation to Father today. We know that our brother Don gave himself both in America and Korea with the purest motivation and heart.

Let us pray that the course that our Blessed Central Families have now permanently engaged in, with respect to the Fatherland, will bring a swift reconciliation to North and South Korea and that all the divisions of peoples, races, religions and nations will now be resolved. Let the course of the Blessed Central Families centering on our True Parents set the conditions necessary for the Cheon Il Guk to be expanded to every corner of the earth. Let the love of God expand until every family is blessed and secured within God's heart and lineage and all become one with peace and love.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification U.S.A.

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