The Words of the Jenkins Family

Dr. Hill's Transition

Michael Jenkins
February 27, 2003

Dear Family,

On Monday, February 24th, Dr. E.V. Hill made the transition to the heavenly realm. He is truly one of the worlds great Christian leaders. He was courageous and faithful to Jesus in every way. He would never avoid controversy or struggle but always sought to obey the Will of God. He stood firm concerning the Blessing of Marriage and he understood the anointing that God has upon our True Parents.

We are deeply saddened at his passing. His wife is ever faithful and your prayers would be appreciated. Also, we express our sincere prayer and support for the Mt. Zion Baptist Church family that did so much to support Dr. Hill's mission and the unity of the Body of Christ. We rejoice in the fact that such a great man of God can be celebrated throughout America and the World for his life and ministry were a model of the love of Jesus.

We are deeply grateful for his support for ACLC and the Blessing of Marriage Movement.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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