The Words of the Jenkins Family

Don Marshall, Our Beloved Brother, Has Made The Transition To The Spirit World

Michael Jenkins
March 10, 2003

Dear Family,

An American hero, Don Marshall, has made the transition to the heavenly realm. Our prayers go forth for him and his wife Ichiko who have remained in Korea through the Cheon Il Guk activity and on until now. Today, around 4:15 pm EST Don made the journey home.

Don, is truly a great America. Dr. Yang is now asking us to prepare in prayer for Don. He will be brought to the National Unification Burial Ground and will receive a National Level Saints Seung Hwa. He gave his life for the will of heaven. Though he knew the risks involved with going to Korea, he expressed to his wife, sister and doctor, that he felt he had to go to the Fatherland at this time, no matter what. He felt that if he didn't make it now he might never be able to touch the Fatherland during the time of the founding of the Cheon Il Guk. He felt that regardless of the outcome he had to touch the Fatherland and sacrifice to secure the unity of North and South. He suffered a heart attack and was in a coma since February 17th.

Ichiko has remained very strong and faithful. They are from Ohio. Don gave outstanding sacrifice and support to the dispensation and especially in the support of Christian outreach and help to the Japanese missionaries.

As an African American brother we recognize that his supreme sacrifice has very profound meaning. He was an a man who constantly crossed the racial and national boundaries to bring unity. He completed the Cheon Il Guk activity successfully with no health problems, then the morning he was to depart he suffered a stroke. It was if he knew he had completed his course.

He and Ichiko worked together in the registered city and were outstanding examples as Americans with sincere heart and loyalty to our True Parents and God's providence.

We are deeply comforted by the fact that we know that this sacrifice will be etched into eternal history as one of our beautiful American patriots and sons fell on the battlefield to bring unity, peace and love to the Fatherland and to the world. Also, that his place in heaven will be very special as he offered his life at a most crucial dispensational moment in which the Fatherland is hanging in the balance, only secured by the conditions of our Blessed Central Families and especially True Parents.

We love you Don. Thanks for your living example of the way of absolute faith. You knew your path and had the courage to follow it. Thank you Ichiko for your faith to support your husband and stand by his side all the way.

We sincerely thank Rev. Sun Jo Hwang and our Korean Family Federation who did everything possible to take care of Don and Ichiko in their time of trial. Also we thank Rev. Lee for staying in Korea to support the Marshalls.

Brothers and Sisters, many of you risked your lives so that we could fulfill the will of heaven to steer the North and South tension toward peace.

Don and Ichiko's example of sacrifice and attitude of faith will be our guide to bring the fulfillment of the Cheon Il Guk, Kingdom of God on earth.

Let us pray for Don and Ichiko.

Sincerely and gratefully in the Love of Our True Parents.

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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