The Words of the Jenkins Family

Memo from Rev. Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
March 13, 2003

Dear Washington D.C. Family,

Our brother Donald Marshall will be memorialized at 10:00 a.m., Friday, March 14th at Ft. Lincoln Cemetery. (The viewing is from 9-10 a.m.) Dr. Yang and I will be conducting this Seung Hwa with Rev. Lee.

Due to the special nature of our brother's sacrificial course and his connection to the historic Cheon Il Guk activity, we would like to encourage everyone who can to attend the service and honor him as America's representative.

Don suffered a heart attack in Korea, just after he and his wife completed their Cheon Il Guk activity and were preparing to go home to America. Don was very special. He served our church in Ohio and was always an outstanding example as a blessed member. His wife Ichiko was by his side and is totally faithful.

Normally, he would be buried at home in Ohio, but because of his status as a very special patriot who gave his life for the Cheon Il Guk we will have a service that is for a hero. Don was in a coma for a while and just passed this week. He was flown home yesterday from Korea.

Thank you, Washington family, for your wholehearted involvement in the Cheon Il Guk providence and for your ongoing support for God's work in America.

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Senior Pastor
Washington Family Church

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