The Words of the Jenkins Family

To The 2400 Who Brought Who Brought Victory In The Cheon Il Guk Activity

Michael Jenkins
April 5, 2003

Dear Family,

On True Parents Day, True Father prayed after Rev. Kwak prayed. It was very significant and unique. Now in the era of the Kingship of True Parents they do not offer the central prayers at holidays but have bequeathed that role to Rev. Kwak and his wife or other Elder Couples who are in a central role.

On this day however, Father was moved to step forward. With tears streaming down his face he cried out to comfort God. He embraced Heavenly Father's heart and comforted God. Father cried out to God that he was sorry that his body would not let him keep the normal pace as before. He cried out to God over and over that he was so sorry to heavenly Father that his body is getting older. What incredible heart. It is so profound. Even though all those that were with Father over the last couple of weeks are absolutely shocked that Father's schedule has not slowed down. Father is pushing incredibly. He refuses to sleep laying down but wants to sleep sitting up.

Father is urgent because we are at the critical juncture of the Second Israel fulfilling their responsibility before heaven. We must understand that the Second Israel can only respond to the degree that we as blessed Central Families have the same "heart" that Father just expressed on True Parents day. Such a heart to comfort God and liberate God at this crucial moment. The 2400 have touched God's heart by overcoming all obstacles and barriers to achieve the victory of protecting and securing the Fatherland. Our brothers and sisters worldwide responded also because they also have become one in heart with the Elder son to pull the Second Israel to its right place.

Now incredible phenomenon are occurring with the ministers. However our family members must catch fire. Father wants us to touch 12,000 through the one day seminars and revivals. Only if the 2400 mobilize can we achieve this. Every state has a one day schedule. Please, my beloved family understand that we must lead the Second Israel to fulfill. Jesus and the saints are behind us.

Particularly, our Los Angeles Block, your convocation was very special and the most famous Christian came out in the last 6 months to support True Parents and receive the blessing - The Rev. Dr. E.V. Hill. That's why I know that where there is a breakthrough there is also trial and challenge. We must break through in LA because an incredible victory is waiting for us.

I want to ask all the nation to come together. Our convocations (one day) began today on April 5th. The 2400 have been directed by Father to work on the Second Israel by bringing the Christian pastors together with us as the next stage of the condition to prepare to Unify the Fatherland.

Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards and all the key ministers are overwhelmed by the response of the ministers to the Divine Principle. But there are challenges. Therefore we must bring the ministers and their key members to the one day convocations across America. Most of the 50 states are focusing on the 10th, 11th and the 12 th of next week. Please America, don't miss this moment. Do everything you can to bring the pastors. Not new pastors but the already existing pastors must come now with their key leaders. Father's direction is clear, 12,000 , next end the era of the cross, then next to Israel to ask the First Israel to lift up Jesus then on to the 38th parallel.

Be strong and of good courage. Please help you local church leaders in the next few days. Mostly phoning the ministers and visiting will bring out the thousands. They must be touched by your victorious spirit.

God has made the way. On Thursday night on a conference call with the key ACLC ministers, Rev. Jesse Edwards led the way. After severe persecution and almost losing everything, his church is booming. He then was given a second church by a key leader who was retiring in Philadelphia. The pastor said, "Jesse, I've tried 30 pastors but no one has the anointing like you." God is working. Rev. Edwards and his wife are boldly courageous. Rev. Edwards proclaimed that the end of bloodshed is upon us. The Kingdom of God is coming. That's why we must now receive our crowns and sit on the throne with Jesus. The ministers went on to quote the Bible which confirms this.

I Peter 5:4 And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away

Then Rev. Edwards read Revelation which says that if we overcome Jesus will give a place in his throne. Not next to it. IN IT! Then Rev. Edwards read the following verse and everyone shouted. Bishop Stallings was crying out Glory, Glory. This is the day of the Lord.

Revelation 3:21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

Dr. C. Phillip Johnson got so inspired about the verse saying that when the Lord comes I will receive a Crown. Now the clergy are trading their crosses in for a crown!!! Bishop J. has the members so excited. On Palm Sunday they will receive a cross made from a palm leaf. On Good Friday they will take down the cross and on Easter celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. They will trade their crosses in for a crown!!!

Last week in Ocean city Rev. Desmond Green brought forth this famous Christian hymn. It talks about what we are about to do. We are receiving tremendous help from the Lord. The refrain goes as written below. THE OLD RUGGED CROSS

So Iíll cherish the old rugged cross, Till my trophies at last I lay down; I will cling to the old rugged cross, And exchange it some day for a crown

The Bible proclaims it, Jesus and the Heavenly Host have confirmed it. Now with True Parents anointed by Jesus, our Blessed Central Families representing the third Israel must unite and together with the Second Israel we must fulfill it.


THIS CONDITION WILL LIFT UP AMERICA and SET HER ON THE COURSE OF HEAVEN. Then on to Jerusalem and next to the 38th parallel.

Rise Ameirca. Rise 2400. You are the Filial Children of the Lord. Nothing will bring more energy to Father than a victory with the Second Israel now.

Rise Los Angeles, Rise San Francisco, Rise Denver, Rise Phoenix, rise Portland, rise Seattle, Rise San Diego, Rise Hawaii, Rise Dallas and Houston, Rise Atlanta and Alambama, Mississippi, Rise Beloved Chicago (We have 2000 today to hear the one day content with Rev. Barrett!!) , Rise Detroit, Newark, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., North Carolina. all cities and all regions. Rise Miami, we're counting on you. Rise up America. Rise up 2400 and secure the victory. All heaven and earth are with us.

Glory to God. Glory to True Parents. Glory to Jesus. Glory to the Owners of Cheon Il Guk.



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