The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Chicago DP Convocation

Michael Jenkins
April 6, 2003

The Chicago Convocation of Christian Clergy "Tear Down The Walls" "Who is Rev. Moon." was held at the Ramada O'Hare near the airport. Bishop Ki Hoon Kim has manifested a profound depth of commitment and understanding of Christianity and its role for America.

Over 200 pastors attended the four day conference. Pastor T.L. Barrett and myself stood together as the National ACLC Co-Conveners to bring open the convention. This was a very important moment of healing. Pastor Barrett was under severe persecution after the Clouds of Witnesses and even had to step back from ACLC. He overcame the persecution because he loves True Parents. When he took the stage, it was very meaningful for Bishop Kim and the Chicago ACLC movement. Many had predicted that he would not stand. Many predicted that he would leave and the whole Chicago ACLC movement would collapse. Yet, Pastor Barrett tells us that he could always feel Father and Mother's love, and that no matter what, even under the darkest moments when his church was dividing and his denomination was calling for his excommunication if he would deny Rev. Moon. However, Pastor Barrett became strong under that challenge and stood up to say that he would not deny how God worked through Father Moon to bring his marriage back together. That's why when he opened the "Tear Down the Wall's Convocation" Pastor Barrett professed his unchanging heart and love for the True Parents of humanity and cried out that this is a movement that is healing the family and bringing all of God's children together. Pastor Barrett expressed his love for Bishop Stallings and Dr. Yang and especially Bishop Kim.

Our Chicago ACLC Co-Convener Dr. Harold White is the Dean of the Baptist Ministers conference. He held strong during all the storms. Well know throughout Chicago for his Sunday morning radio show with Spencer Leake, Rev. White did not warm up to Rev. Moon easily. He checked it out carefully and over a great period of time . Maybe three or more years. Once he became sure about it, he is so proud of his lead role in the ACLC. As a leader of the Baptist Conference, Dr. White knows how to chair and handle all conventions and meetings. His leadership brought great prestige to the movement there.

All the key ministers of Chicago came. Dr. Hycel Taylor, Rev. A.I.Dunlap. Everyone was especially happy to see Rev. Dr. Leroy Elliot, who inspired the nation with his prayer on the 144,000 couple blessing when he prayed, "We now as blessed true parent families declare war on the Battalions of darkness, we are going to claim back our children from the streets, we are going to claim back our marriages from the divorce courts." A core of true anointed Christian leaders are now surrounding Father. It is an unbreakable chain that has been forged in the hot fires of severe persecution.

The atmosphere was quite tense that day as it was afternoon before the war would begin. Rev. Jenkins called for prayer and stated, "The divisions of race and religion cannot be healed by war. But since war is inevitable we ourselves, as religious leaders must seek God's guidance as to how we must go from this moment. We must humble ourselves and understand that we were not enough to lead the world to a deeper resolution of the conflict. Upon the foundation of repentance we must now seek God's face and march forward according to his will. Second Chronicles 7 14-18 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place. For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for ever: and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually. And as for thee, if thou wilt walk before me, as David thy father walked, and do according to all that I have commanded thee, and shalt observe my statutes and my judgments; Then will I establish the throne of thy kingdom, according as I have covenanted with David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man to be ruler in Israel.

In Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." We must declare on this day a war against the division of the Body of Christ, we must declare a war on the forces of darkness that are hindering the realization of God's Kingdom. We must declare war on division of Christian, Moslem and Jew for this is not of God. However, the weapons we use to win this war is the word of God and the love of Jesus. It is the love of True Parents. Only a profound love will take the darkness out of our brothers heart. Was it not Esau who came with 400 soldiers to kill Jacob. Jacob set the pattern for this victory. He sacrificed. He sacrificed all he had and bowed down to his brother seven times. Then he gave his brother all that he had. He loved his enemy and the dark force left him and Esau wept. We must walk the path that will bring our neighbor to tears. This is the way that ACLC will walk. We must reconcile and save humanity - to do that we must save America. We must sacrifice to save this world. We must open the gate of the Blessing of Marriage. Pastor Barretts marriage was healed. The power of God is now focusing on healing marriage, race and all other divisions."

Dr. Chang Shik Yang gave a powerful keynote address. He was introduced by Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr. Dr. Yang's address focused on the three key themes of Rebuild the Family, Restore the community and renew the nation and the world. Having received his doctorate from New York Theological Seminary as well as having attended the two Unification seminaries (one in Korea and one in the U.S.) and a Methodist seminary in Korea, Dr. Yang brings a very unique spirit as Chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference. He is an evangelical scholar. His address, usually written and distributed is based on sound and profound scholarship, yet it is filled with the spirit of his having been transformed and strengthened first through his relationship with True Parents.

Through the trials of the dispensation (and the fire of True Father) as well as the fires of tribulation, such as that brought about by the attacks on ACLC over the years Dr. Yang has led ACLC into deeper and deeper unity from the heart. Unity with Jesus, unity with our True Parents and unity among all of us.

Some clergy who misunderstood our work and others who don't really want unity of all denominations, tried to divide our camp. ACLC held together. From the tribulation caused by the testimony of Jesus from heaven (the Clouds of Witnesses) and the severe challenge it posed or the current challenge of the movement to end the era of the cross. Dr. Yang, Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards, Rev. Daugherty and our key ACLC clergy stayed the course. During Dr. Yang's opening you could feel the spirit of Pentecost.

We are always amazed how the spirit world and the heavenly host are pouring down from heaven in his address. Every time at the end ministers are crying out "Amen" "Halleluiah." Dr. Yang then brings us to the essence of the conference. "Who is Rev. Moon". He states that the real question is not Who is Rev. Moon but Who are You. If you know God and are one with him then you will inherit the anointing and the spirit of Jesus and you will become a "Messiah".

The Clergy gathered for the seminar from Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas. Pastor Standley and his wife, ACLC Co-Conveners for Kansas shared with me during the convocation. "We are with this thing. We were proud to be a part when Rev. Moon came to Kansas. It was moving. We believe that Jesus is working strongly through this movement. We enjoyed the spirit of the movement on September 22, 2001 just after 9/11. We attended the gathering in New York. This move is of God."

The most amazing thing is to see 200 clergy with their Bibles open saying amen to almost every major point of the DP. Surely the times have changed. During the discussion groups there was a lot of controversy as we openly discussed the taking down of the cross. It was serious, Yet through all the struggles our lecturers, national leaders and Rev. Daugherty and Bishop Stallings brought a spirit of understanding and love.

One night Dr. H.G. McGhee gave the main message. As a Baptist preacher his delivery is very different than Bishop Stallings. His transformation was profound. He persecuted the movement so severely that when he understood that this was of God, the shock and remorse for what he had done was so profound that he changed his name to Paul. (He feels that he went from Saul to Paul). You could feel the spirit of St. Paul with Dr. McGhee. There something about when someone has the anointing, it transforms the room. It's like when you hit a home run or correctly hit a golf ball. It feels as if your swing was effortless and yet the ball just goes and goes. That is how it was with Dr. McGhee. Brothers and Sisters the help we are getting from heaven at this time is greater than at the time of the pentecost. The reality of massive revival and transformation are living realities at this time.

Bishop Stallings, has been seasoned through many different experiences. As a Blessed Central Family, he teaches about the Cheon Il Guk openly. The ministers are not puzzled at all. They feel facinated by the words "Cheon Il Guk". Bishop Stallings is so sure in his heart and so well know to the clergy that it has an automatic impact on the hearts of the ministers. In Chicago, at the end of his Take Down the Cross sermon, the clergy were deeply stirred. They feel that they are living in Biblical times. They are prepared by God and many of them face life risking situations with the churches and members all the time. These are men and women of the cross. They know how to bear the cross of suffereing. Over the years you can see that the minsiters who really stayed with Father are completely unafraid. When the Clouds of Witnesses hit, Rev. A. I. Dunlap said, "the only reason some are upset about this is because they are afraid. If Father is the one they will have to give up all their mess!!!" Bishop Stallings preaches the blessing and the principle in a way that truly demonstrates the Completed Testament Age Gospel. The Kingdom is coming and the ministers don't want to miss it.

God has prepared the clergy for this time. In Houston, Rev. Mark Alexander and Rev. Charles Keyes were visiting Pastor B. H. who has a power ministry in which dozens of churches are directly connected. Pastor H. looked at Rev. Keyes and said, "Don't I know you?" Rev. Keyes said, "No, I don't believe so." Pastor H. said, "Charles Keyes, hmmm, is that Charlie Keyes? .. yes Charlie Keyes. We're you the helicopter pilot that flew in Viet Nam and saved my life when no other pilot would go." Rev. Keyes was shocked, they were together in Viet Nam. From that moment Rev. H. said, I'm with you. If you're in it I know it must be of God. He came to Ocean city last October for the first time.

Here at the Chicago conference 5 months latter he shared with me what he experienced in Ocean city. When he heard our teaching on John the Baptist having failed his mission, he felt deeply disturbed. That night in his room he was very upset with this idea and contemplated leaving the seminar the next day. At 2 am that night, he was suddenly awakened. He heard a voice saying to him, "READ IT". He understood that he should read the verse in Matthew 11:11. He did so. When he read the part that said ". he who is the least in Kingdom of heaven is greater than he." With a joy in his eye that is hard to express, he smiled at me and said at that moment I knew that this teaching was true and then I understood who Rev. Moon was.

He didn't just understand in his heart, he moved on it. At Ocean city he bought a number of DP books. At the Chicago convocation we heard about what he was doing with them. Every Wednesday at Bible study he uses the Divine Principle as his study guide. Every Sunday he has the DP in his pulpit and is teaching and preaching from it. He has expressed such joy. At the Chicago convocation he bought another batch of the DP books. He said to me, "If the clergy of America really understand what this teaching is all about and how it is the most profound guide to understanding and uncovering the truth of the bible, a fire will spread across this nation like never before. You will see the Pentecost again."

That was the spirit of the Chicago DP conference. This it the spirit of the new movement of clergy that are heading for the Good Friday - Easter turning point in history in which we will trade our crosses in for our Crowns.

Thanks America.


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