The Words of the Jenkins Family

Beyond the Cross

Michael Jenkins
April 14, 2003

Dear Family,

God is working through Father's direction. The one day convocations have now occured throughout America. Pastors who were angry and upset when they first heard about taking down the cross are now completely turning around!! Father has said that taking down the cross will create incredible revival.

Thanks America for your faith. Thanks ACLC.


Here is a testimony from Rev. R. in Atlanta:

<< Let me share this revelation with you. Immediately after I finished preaching my first sermon about going beyond the cross, I felt like a tremendous weight was being removed from me and lifted upward. I interpreted it to mean that God had taken certain things from me. Prior to our Atlanta program with Bishop Stallings, my wife and I were discussing this and suddenly I knew the truth. I said to her it wasn't that something was taken from me, God took ME out of the world. We both shouted Hallelujah!

In talking about the cross, there was one thing that puzzled my wife until God gave us a revelation. On the way home from the church (after first preaching about going beyond the cross), my wife was rejoicing in her heart and thanking God. Her cup runneth over. She said to me that while she was gazing upward, she saw a gold cross appear in the sky and she knew that God had heard her praise.

Knowing what she saw and now believing that it is necessary to go "beyond the cross", she was a little puzzled. But glory to God, as we left the program Thursday night, God revealed to us that the cross she saw didn't represent Jesus' crucifixion but represented His resurrection in me. Hallelujah! >>

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