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Good Friday - Take Down The Cross - MD, Chicago, and Detroit

Michael Jenkins
April 19, 2003

Washington D.C. / Maryland:

Report of the Rally and Press Conference at the Lively Stone Worship Center

A very historical and spirit filled "Trade Your Cross for a Crown" rally and press conference was held today on Good Friday, April 18th, 2003, at 11:00am at Bishop Floyd E. Nelson's Lively Stone Worship Center, in Landover, MD. Ten keynote speakers; clergy of the ACLC, took a public stand on why today they planned to take down the crosses from their churches after carrying them in remembrance of Christ's suffering. Among them were Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson, Bishop Floyd Nelson, Rev. Michael Jenkins, Rev. H. G. McGhee, and Rev. Levy Daugherty. Also, in attendance were other pastors including Dr. Chang Shik Yang. Soon the press conference turned into a powerful service; the spirit escalating with each speaker and eliciting spontaneous applause and shouting from the audience which consisted of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. Archbishop Stallings began his speech by quoting the Song of the Old Rugged Cross, and he ended his speech by saying "Why not exchange the cross for a crown TODAY." Bishop Floyd Nelson made closing remarks as the audience joined in singing the Song of the Old Rugged Cross. Bishop C. Phillip Johnson held up a small golden cross and laid it down on the pulpit. In exchange he received a crown pin from Bishop Nelson. A crown was then given to all other pastors on stage as well. The spirit of celebration and liberation filled the air with singing, dancing and carrying on. Truly this was a Good Friday.

Angelika Selle

NOTE: The Washington Times and Several African American and Hispanic papers covered the story. Articles to follow.

Chicago - Bishop Ki Hoon Kim

It was a wonderful service with 20 pastors and 200 in the congregation together at the Twelve Gates MBC. Senior pastor Rendel and Owens prepared a good service. The family flag on the wall of their office. Dr. White gave the first word of Luke 23:34. Bishop Witherspoon wore his red Bishops Cloak including his crown because he already took down the cross and tell to congregation from now on I will carry crown only. Rev. Strong and Rev. McAfee followed. Each pastor exchanged the cross for the ACLC crown pin. Some of them will bring the cross to Israel to burry it. Bishop Witherspoon took down the cross two week ago and every Thursday is teaching DP at his church. Yesterday first DP class lectured Messiah's mission and testified TP is second coming messiah. He is heading of all of pastors. Three churches wanted to have the same kind of the service today. On Easter Sunday, Pastor McAfee, Central United Community Church will host the service to Take Down the Cross. 19 churches of Chicago, 9 of Milwaukee and 7 of Detroit will host the same kind of service. A detail report will be sent tomorrow and Sunday night. Thank you. God bless all of you.

Rev. Ki Hoon Kim

Changing the Cross for a Crown in Detroit

Ceremony date: Friday, April 18, 2003

Church: Universal Contact Center True Light of Understanding Baptist Center 7525 Grand River Detroit MI 48204 (313) 434-4925

Pastor: Dr. Elect Lady Dubose

Our ceremony began at 11:00 AM because we wanted to liberate Jesus before 12:00 Noon, the traditional hour of His crucifixion. Gathered in front of the church of Dr.Elect Lady Dubose were the pastor, four of her congregation, my wife and I and our four-year- old son. We began with prayer. I prayed first, the Dr. Elect Dubose. We then sang "The Old Rugged Cross". Following this we had scripture readings: 1 Peter 5:4, Rev 2:10, 3:21 & 6:2. I gave a short sermon on the meaning of this ceremony and its significance, not only for this church but for the Christian community in Detroit. We then took down the cross from the front of her church. Next, in the field next to her church, we symbolically buried the cross representing the end of the era of bloodshed and lack of faith and entering an era of life and resurrection based on faith. I then got out a ladder and put up the image of two crowns, one on either side of the church sign. It was interesting that it was raining lightly but several people drove up and stopped to join us. My feeling at the end was similar to what I have heard in the early reports from other churches, a great sense of relief and a lifting of a weight. It was really nice to see the crowns up on the church. Dr. Dubose had attended two of the ministers workshops and felt it was a blessing to hold this ceremony, and indeed it was.

Pictures coming tomorrow

Other pastors supporting taking down the cross:

Rev. Pauline Linscott Light Ministries Grand Rapids MI
Rev. Thomas Haralson Harvest Community Family Church Grand River Ave. Detroit
Rev. Mozie Lee Smith Huggins AME Church Linwood Ave. Detroit
Rev. Joseph Petty Bibleway Temple Joy Rd. Detroit

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