The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father Announces Beginning of New Public Ministry

Michael Jenkins
May 5, 2003

Dear Family,

Before pledge on Sunday, Father couldn't sleep. He felt urgent to pray at three minutes until 3am, 4am and 5am. Dr. Yang was called to come for 5 am prayer a few minutes early. Also he was asked to call Rev. Hwang from Korea, Rev. Yu from Japan so that the representatives of the three primary nations could join the 4:57 prayer with True Parents by cell phone. In the prayer Father announced before heaven that he is now beginning a new public ministry.

Father has regained full strength yet is working to get his full weight back. Today he exploded with energy having a three hour Hoon Dok Hae. He said he has checked his body and is fully ready to go. Then he went with True Mother, Dr. Yang and several others to the Great Adventure Theme Park in New Jersey. Father is ready to go. He went there to get a lot of exercise.

At Hoon Dok Hae Father was very inspired again with additional reports concerning the Clergy taking down their crosses. His heart of joy and feeling about the cross coming down is profound.

Father is deeply interested as this phenomenon is spreading. He said this event has great historical significance. He said, " This event is more profound and will have more impact than the Protestant Reformation. We must continue to go forward aggressively to take down the cross. Massive revival will occur because of this."

Please continue to have all the clergy do a ceremony to take down their crosses. More and more understanding is coming through this historic dispensation. Please make good digital photo documentation. When Father's sees pictures of your ACLC pastors good fortune will come to them as immediately Father's thought and prayer goes out for them.

Now its on to Israel. Over 120 clergy are now confirmed and have paid for their historic journey. Rev. Angelica Selle and Mel Haft have had a special prayer condition and reconciliation meetings.

Thanks America.


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