The Words of the Jenkins Family

Our Beloved Brother Ray Brattcher Has Passed Into The Spirit World

Michael Jenkins
May 5, 2003

Dear Family,

Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to the Brattcher family in Cincinnati. I was informed that Ray passed on Monday evening. He was a most diligent, faithful and dedicated blessed brother. He has a faithful wife and 9 year old son.

His wife said that this last period of his life in Cincinnati was a time when he was the happiest he has ever been. During this period his wife said he dedicated himself to supporting and working with the Christian ministers. Seung Hwa services will be conducted by our Ohio Regional Director Rev. Ki Yeal Lee.

We thank you Ray for your faith and heart.

Let us all pray for his blessing and fulfillment in the next world as well as an abundant outpouring of blessing for his family.

In True Parents Love,
Rev. Michael Jenkins
President Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - USA

The following poem is from Alan Wilding for Ray.

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

Upon receiving the news of our beloved brother Ray Brattcher's passing I was inspired to write this short prose in his memory.

The Happy Days of My Dreams

You and I my true brother
Talked through the day and into the night.
Remembering together the good heavenly fight
and how it was won.
The time came to say good-bye.
We walked to the garden gate greeted by
the rising sun,
Your face framed by the dawns radiant light.

I clasp your arm to hold you still near,
Hoping that you would not see my parting
Brotherly tear.
You smile and say,
'I must take my leave for
the happy days of my dreams have come.'

For Ray from your brother

Alan Wilding

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