The Words of the Jenkins Family

Blessing Still In Korea July 13 (Tentative Dates)

Michael Jenkins
May 8, 2003

Dear Family,

The WCSF and the Blessing has been rescheduled for July 9 -15. The Blessing is tentatively scheduled for July 13th. It is possible that there will be

On July 5th in America (location to be announced), there will be an Interreligious and International World Peace Blessing in America for WORLD RELIGIOUS LEADERS. This will be sponsored by all of our major organizations with IIFWP and ACLC as the Co Hosts. This will follow the format of the four blessings conducted by True Parents last year in America.

Dr. Yang clarified with Father last Saturday concerning these TWO blessings and Father does want both to occur.

We don't know the details yet.



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