The Words of the Jenkins Family

"Israel" "Hmmm."

Michael Jenkins
May 8, 2003

Dear Family,

Thank you for your continued prayers and concerns for True Parents and particularly Father's health.

This morning Father looks very good. I was amazed at how rapidly Father's spirit and strength have come back. Definitely a big change from week to week. Somehow I was reminded about how Father was on the 50 state tour. Sharing and guiding us with a peaceful but resolute expression. He is gaining weight and this morning his coloring looked very good. Father has been exercising extensively, mostly through long walks with Mother and a few other leaders. He meets and guides our leadership concerning the providence while he is walking. He is working everyday to strengthen himself. True Mother is sacrificing incredibly right now to support Father and embrace all of us. Hyung Jin Nim, Yana nim (Hyung Jin Nim's wife), Jun Sook Nim (Hyun Jin Nim's wife) were there today. Hyung Jin Nim was offering beautiful attendance to Father and Mother and gave very close attention and interest to everything that is going on. Since the Coronation of True Parents, a completely different era has dawned. Our True King is now setting the conditions necessary for God's Kingdom to substantially come upon the earth. Father is absolutely serious for Cheon Il Guk and he knows the exact time line we are following. We must inherit Father's serious mind and rapidly advance the kingdom.

After Hoon Dok Hae, Dr. Yang introduced some brothers from Korea that have developed an advanced web-based communications and graphic presentations company. A built in big screen was lowered in front of the TV in True Parents living room. A very interesting web presentation was made by this new company that is producing a - communication system that will allow us very clear access to Father's words, pictures and the most current live coverage of True Parents message. (Much more sophisticated and advanced than a web page.) Father and Mother really love the advancement of technology and its use to bring God's message and testimony of True Love to humanity. Through this advanced medium there links were made to Sun Moon University and the recent meetings Father had.

Also, True Parents were presented with an internet based program for families to learn Korean. It was quite interesting. Father signed all their presentation boxes for their software. These brothers have an agreement for distribution in the U.S. through one well known computer and electronics national chain. True Parents then gave an unexpected gift and asked Rev. Doo to get top quality video camera for America, because there is so much to document and get out to the world. (thank you True Parents). Father and Mother took these brothers shopping. (Father can also uses the time to exercise extensively).

While we were on the Internet the computer screen was projected on the big screen in the living room. Dr. Yang could carefully go through our web site for True Parents. Showing the pictures and reports and the number of hits for each item. Father and Mother were smiling, I could see they really enjoyed it. Dr. Yang went through the 43rd Holy Wedding Anniversary Pictures, the fishing tournament and leaders conference and then the pictures and reports from many other events such as True World Marine's advertisement for a boat salesman. (Mr. S. K. Pak ) He also could show the pictures of the churches taking down the crosses. Especially, the picture from the San Diego's Victory Baptist Church with Rev. Williams. It is a very beautiful large church. Father is deeply pleased to see the crosses coming do wn. Dr. Yang then, through the internet went to the FFWPU for Korea, Japan, Brazil and showed several other countries. Father and Mother love this instantaneous communication to the whole world. God has prepared this time for the True Parents of Humanity.

Brothers and Sisters, even though we know we must repent and that the world has still not awakened to the Cheon Il Guk (the Kingdom of God) in peace, still I experienced a moment of heaven today. True Parent's love is beyond description. That is our hope and that is what is most real. A love that can heal, cleanse and liberate humanity. This love is absolute and unchanging. True Parents love for each and every Blessed Central Family is vast and deep. Father believes in the Blessed couples because to come to the level of the Cheon Il Guk blessing, they all had to share in some way the bitter trials of our True Parents. Our suffering binds us together. Now we must truly inherit Father's spirit of constantly going out to educate and embrace all religions and all peoples. Father's total being is sacrificed with prayerful conditions to open the gates of heaven for the Kingdom to come through the blessing of marriage and family.

Now it is clear, in addition to many other world wide events in our movement, Father's central focus is resolving the conflict between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is occurring in many ways. Through the UPI, the Washington Times, the IIFWP and now the ACLC pilgrimage to the Holy Land. His concern is very profound for our work to take down the crosses and now go to Israel to embrace Jesus heart and recognize him as the Messiah.

I mentioned to Father that we are going to Israel with 120 clergy who took down their crosses and we are going to embrace Israel. Father smiled and said quietly with a very gentle loving voice, "Israel" "Hmmm." I know with all my heart and soul that the victory of the Israel trip and the reconciliation that is about to take place has already been sealed. Now love and reconciliation between the Christian and Jewish brothers (both bride religions of the Lord) will be realized because we come together not just as brothers but as sons of the same living God - this is made possible only because God's love is manifested through our True Parents.

True Parents who have been crowned by God as King and Queen of all blessed families and who stand as our True Parents who have been blessed by God in the Cheon Il Guk Blessing on the third and final completion stage. We do not understand or know how vast the power is behind True Parents coronation and the Holy Wedding dispensation. We are reminded however, that when Elijah had the anointing of the Lord the prophets of Baal fell before the Glory of God. The power that is upon True Parents is infinite and vast. We are responsible to set the conditions to link that authority and power to the area that God has assigned us. By forging forward in faith according Father's directions, we are seeing the reality that walls that were once impenetrable even one year ago are collapsing before our eyes. This occurs when we go forward with absolute faith, love and obedience as Owners of Cheon Il Guk.

Today I experienced the profound love of True Father for Israel. I can never forget the experience I had when Father picked the Golden Sea watches as a gift for the clergy (representing the second bride religion) when the first 120 Christian leaders went to Korea for the founding of the United Federation of Churches and the ACLC. Father spent so much time, carefully looking at each gold watch and gently holding each one in his hand. He was preparing the most precious gift for the bride of the Lord. He asked William Gaigg from Christian Bernard many questions about the quality and how long each would last. He said they must last for at least 3 generations and should be passed from Father to Son. About the number of diamonds and so forth. It was amazing to see the tenderness Father's heart toward the Christian bride. It was such a profound love for the bride that God has been seeking from the creation. I had never seen Father like that before. Since that time, there was a glimpse of such feeling from Father toward Mother at the Cheon Il Guk blessing but due to the massive size of the gathering and the distance from which I viewed True Parents it was only a glimpse. Though his love has been expressed in countless ways, I had not seen the particular expression that he had while picking the watches for Christianity again until this morning.

Today, I was reminded of that experience. I happened to be close to Father while he was signing the fishing tournament programs and when I mentioned our trip to Israel saying, "Abonim, we are going to embrace Israel now with the clergy that took down their crosses." Father said in such a soft tone stretching the word as he spoke, "Israel" "hmmm." He said it with such a warm, loving smile. He said it with the same expression I saw when he picked the gold watches. Immense feelings flooded me concerning the meaning of this Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. "This bride that was first to be the object of God's heart. Now, finally this beloved bride is coming home to the Lord. "Israaaeeelllll". "hmmmmmm."

Thanks True Parents, Thanks America.


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