The Words of the Jenkins Family

Greetings from Rome

Michael Jenkins
May 14, 2003

Dear Family,

120 ACLC Clergy prayed at St. Peters Tomb today vowing that our mission to restore the first and second Israel will not fail. We called upon Peter and all the saints to join us as we seek to comfort the heart of Jesus concerning the sad 2000 year history from crucifixion until today. Under the power of True Parents and the foundation of having understood the Divine Principles revelation concerning the Bible the clergy feel a tingling sense of historicity with each step they take. Rev. John Winfrey, a Southern Baptist from North Caroline, I believe our mission will succeed because God gave it to us, so we have his blessing. Archbishop Stallings, gave a sermon to the 120 as we gathered in a beautiful Italian restaurant in on the second floor. He said, we are in the upper room, we have True Parents and Jesus with us. We are rolling out the New Wine of Truth therefore you must leave your old wineskins at the door. We have taken down our crosses to liberate the heart of God and are here in Rome to see how the sacrifices of Christians were made in blood and martyrdom. We are now ending this 2000 year history and officially proclaiming Cheon Il Guk, The Kingdom of God on Earth.

Soon we will Journey to Jerusalem to mend the breakdown between Jesus and his family. All will be liberated.

Please, brothers and sisters begin to pray seriously. We are on our way to Jerusalem, stopping by Rome to get the blessing of Peter and Paul. Today we go to pray at the tomb of Paul and to Circus Maximus where early Christians were eaten by lions.

Thanks America.


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