The Words of the Jenkins Family

Financial Request for Pilgrimage to Israel

Michael Jenkins
May 16, 2003

Dear Family,

The last transmission was sent in error. It is 2:30 am here in Jerusalem. Maybe it was better that you got a financial request with only one short incomplete line !! Most of our families would rather we just say how much in these letters.

This one is a little different however.

This is the first of what is to become a permanent ongoing mission to unify the Elder Brother Israel with Christianity. 120 Clergy who took down their crosses are now here in Jerusalem. Please pray for us. It is not a simple mission. Dr. Kaufmann and Dr. Andy Wilson are helping. I'm writing this from our Israeli Family Federation with great joy. Rev. Hod and our family have done outstanding work in God's providence to bring peace and harmony between Christians and Jews. If you read the Hoon Dok selections that I just emailed you will see Father's words stating that once Jews and Christians unite all other religions will unite.

We are also preparing for our eventual journey to Korea for Cheon Il Guk. Father advised us that our Christian leaders, upon gaining unity in Israel and having taken down their crosses are to go to Korea and work on the Unification of the Fatherland.

Financial Support Needed

As with many of the educational activities in America, Father wants us to raise the money for these missions so that the Elder son nation will have the full benefit of setting the "indemnity condition" of serving the world based on the literal blood, sweat and tears of American Blessed Central Families. As Father has guided Japan for so many years, the sacrifices they made for the world will bring eternal blessing to the Motherland.

We request that every blessed Family contribute (by pledge) $100, $500,$1000, $10,000 or another amount to support this historic journey. We also sincerely request that the families that made up the 2400 representatives that went to Korea for True Parents Holy Wedding, Coronation and Cheon Il Guk Activity give $100 per family. We can feel that all of Father's work with Christianity and Judaism is focused on this moment. Since 1983 Father has been reaching out and embracing the Second Israel and now they are responding. One pastor from Georgia said to me today, "I'm a Methodist, and I love my church, but I have to say the ACLC is the most powerful fellowship beyond denomination in America, its truly awesome and exciting." (Pastor G. W.)

Our goal is $210,000 dollars. Your contribution will ensure that we can quickly move forward on plans for our second trip and so on. How desperate is the situation. Father is telling us that when the first and second Israel unite it will set the condition for the unity of Christians, Moslems and Jews. This will be the most direct route to diffuse the tensions of the Middle East and bring peace.

Stones From The Garden Of Gethsemane

For all who pledge $1000 dollars we have prepared a special stone from the actual garden where Jesus prayed. (Father made our Holy Ground in 1965 being led by the spirit to the tree where Jesus prayed). Our Israeli family personally selected 120 stones for the first 120 donors. They prayed to find the stones that would become an historic family treasure for Blessed Central Families who contribute at this time.

We just finished our Friday tours with the ministers and when we went to Gethsemane so many came to tears. I myself was overwhelmed. I couldn't hold back the tears. It was here that Jesus prayed in his most desperate hour still hoping that he could be given one more change to turn the heart of Israel. Gethsemane is a garden of Olive Trees. Some of the trees are over 2000 years old and were actually there when Jesus prayed. (they have a huge tangled trunk). Jesus abandoned his final remainder of hope that Israel could turn and resolved himself in tears to go the way of the cross.

Our Israeli family carefully selected the stones around the tree that Father identified as the one that Jesus brought his internal victory. These stones can be placed on your altar and become a reminder and a condition to strengthen your resolve in times of trouble. I saw the stones tonight. They selected each one while praying for America and Christianity. They washed each stone, one by one. I will bring them back to America with me. The Israeli family sincerely hopes that our world family will respond for they long for this mission to continue. They long to establish this permanent ongoing bridge with Christianity, America and ultimately the Fatherland. Our Israeli family lives in a great deal of tension and turmoil here in Jerusalem. They are the sons and daughters of our True Parents. Rev. Hod and Rev. Abe are united and the family is one. Dr. Kaufmann, in all his world travels said, of all the nations in the world I have never experienced a finer Family Federation. The leaders and the families are all completely sacrificing. Noone is lost or sitting on the side. It is beautiful." They are desperate to save their nation and heal the Holy Land.

Brothers and Sisters, I'm writing from the second floor of our Israeli FFWPU office. All the members are still awake here working past 3 am. They feel that the Clergy and the American family was sent here to join with them and heavenly prepared Rabbis to untangle thousands of years of history. Please Elder Son and all 185 nations consider our prayerful request.

Your $1000 donation will secure for your a stone from the Garden of Jesus Tears, the Garden of Gethsemane (it can be made by an email pledge and paid in installments - whatever God leads you to do - please do it!) Bless Israel and set a condition to link your family to this holy and most historic providence.

The donation should be made to HSA-UWC. Send it to 4 West 43rd St. NY, NY 10036. C/O Rev. Eric Holt. Note on the check: "Gethsemane Pilgrimage Fund"

Thanks America.

The Kingdom of God is Expanding on the earth.


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