The Words of the Jenkins Family

Please Recognize Dr. Frank Kaufmann, Dr. Andy Wilson and Mr. Taj Hamad

Michael Jenkins
May 20, 2003

Dear Family,

Our scholars and leaders in the international field made an enormous contribution to history. We walked a very dangerous path that could have exploded. Asking leaders from the Jewish faith to embrace Jesus was extremely sensitive. The combination of the help from Dr. Wilson in guiding our Christian clergy and Dr. Kaufmann guiding the Jewish participants was very important. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Kaufmann in crafted the draft of the Jerusalem Declaration. Bishop Stallings, Dr. Yang, Rev. Hod (Pres. FFWPU Israel) and Rev. Abe (Nat. Messiah to Israel) worked to develop it along with Rev. Schanker. It led into several late night "struggles" over language and sensitivity to historic pain. Taj took care of the very important Islamic leaders that came. At the crucial moment the Rabbi called upon one such Imam to come forward saying, "I will sign this resolution if the Sheik will sign with me. The Imam came forward and the representatives of the sons of Abraham signed the historic declaration. Father called it Victory Israel this morning upon our return. Of course the clergy that took down their crosses were also a key to the path we walked.



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