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Holy Land Pilgrimage, True Day of All Things, Training for those with University Degrees, Donation for Israel Pilgrimage, National Tithe

Michael Jenkins
May 25, 2003

Dear Family,

Based on True Parents' incredible conditions of indemnity, all gates are opening for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Thanks for your sacrifices and prayers for the victorious Pilgrimage to Israel.

Meaning of the Pilgrimage: It has been clarified that the victorious mission to Israel was an important central condition for the Second Israel and the First Israel to reconcile and unite as one in embracing and loving Jesus. This came forth based on True Parents' Holy Wedding on the Cheon Il Guk (third) level and the Coronation of True Parents as King and Queen of all Blessed Families. This, combined with very serious life-risking indemnity conditions that Father set since March 15th and the Clergy uniting with the direction to end the era of the cross, allowed for this reconciliation of the First Israel with Christianity centering on the Jerusalem Declaration. The pilgrimage must continue regularly in order to strengthen this relationship and must be expanded to harmonize with Islam. On that base we will have the condition to bring peaceful unification of the Fatherland.

True Day of All Things: The 41st True Day of All Things will be held at the Sheraton National Hotel in Washington, D.C. (Arlington, Va.) on Saturday May 31st. Pledge service will begin at 7 a.m., followed by a formal address at 9 a.m. Entertainment is planned for the afternoon.

Media Training for all College Graduates: All university graduates (including UTS) are asked by True Father to attend the True Day of All Things and then join a special media training that has been prepared. The training will last from June 1 through June 8th (approximately 7 days). This training is directly related to the providence we are launching in Washington and the world at this time. (More information will be available soon.)

National Tithe: As requested by mail, a National Tithe of $40 per month has been requested of all Blessed Central Families. This is based on Father's direction as a national indemnity condition to link each Blessed Central Family to the National level providence for America and to set a condition for America as a nation. We encourage all to set up an electronic checking withdrawal to make this offering. Please give more if you feel called. Some are now giving $400 per month. This doesn't change the spiritual condition to tithe locally and doesn't change the Kodan movement's immense sacrifice for fundraising and monthly contributions.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Thanks for your prayers and the sacrifice you have made to support the ACLC movement of Christian leaders. Father proclaimed "Victory Israel" as he signed the Jerusalem Declaration. He has asked that we immediately prepare the next Pilgrimage, that this is the base to reconcile Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and to go on to secure the Fatherland. An offering of $100 is requested of all blessed families (with emphasis on those that fulfilled the mobilization of 2,400 to the Fatherland). Each and every donation is needed to expand this historic victory. Please send your donation in care of

Rev. Eric Holt
4 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
Note on your check "Holy Land Pilgrimage Fund."

Special Holy Stones from the Garden of Gethsemane - The Israeli family prayed sincerely to select 120 of the best stones around the Holy Ground at the Mt. of Olives where Jesus prayed. Two of these stones were given by Pastor Barrett and Archbishop Stallings to True Parents. To hasten the time of our next Pilgrimage we are asking 120 families to make a great sacrifice of $1,000 for the Pilgrimage fund. For your sacrifice you will receive Holy Stones selected from our Holy Ground at Gethsemane, the spot that was identified by True Parents as the location where Jesus prayed his greatest prayer. Send your donation to Rev. Holt at the address above. Mark on your check "Holy Land Pilgrimage - Gethsemane Stone."

Sincerely in True Parents Love,

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