The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Importance of Our Work - Bus Bombed in Israel

Michael Jenkins
June 11, 2003

Dear Family,

Our work is so important at this time. The 21 day condition we have been asked to fulfill is based on reading Father's words given in May. The work with the Ambassadors for Peace on June 22 -24 and the IIFWP conference on June 27-29 are absolutely critical to the dispensation we are pursuing. Also the July 5th Interreligious and International Blessing in Chicago is a dispensational event that seals the unity of the sons of Abraham through the same blood lineage and blessing. Please pray for our Israeli Family Federation and IIFWP leaders (Rev. Abe and Rev. Hod).

Please be steadfast in your prayers. Please keep the reading condition from June 10 - June 30. The conditions have been set by True Father's indemnity course since March 16th and substantial reconciliation has begun. Our faith and resolve in this hour is absolutely central to the outcome not only of the process of bringing peace through the Jerusalem Declaration bringing unity of Christians, Muslims and Jews but to the direction of America and the world at this time. We have the "way" that will bring peace.

Please unite with one heart. Work with your local leadership to support the June 22 - 25 Amb. For Peace Conference. The Awards banquet will be held on June 24th on Capitol Hill. The IIFWP Conference called the Middle East Peace Initiative will be June 27-29 at the Sheraton National Hotel.

Sincerely yours in the Love of our True Parents,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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