The Words of the Jenkins Family

Prayer Request for Jim and Donna Avey

Michael Jenkins
June 20, 2003

Dear Family,

Donna Avey is a key WFWP leader in the Northwest region and she and her husband need your prayers.  Her testimony is important.    Let us pray for her husbands speedy recovery.



Dear Dr. Yang, Rev. Jenkins, Rev. Lee (NW Region), Brothers & Sisters,

My husband Jim Avey has been in kidney failure as a result of a rare blood disease in the milder end of myloma cancer family called "light chain deposit disease."  It was only recently diagnosed in April 2003 after a kidney biopsy.  We believe it first hit him in January 2002 after he returned from Korea and the husband's workshop. (Jim said he prayed to get rid of all his fallen nature.) Although Jim believes that during the three trips to Korea January 2002, June 2002 (the pilgrimage for NM's), and then this February for the CIG activities, the causal cancer was healed, his kidneys are damaged.

The past few weeks he has become progressively more ill, and started steroids based on the oncologist's genuine concern that if the disease were to spread to his lungs, heart, and other organs they would also be shut down.

Today intuitively I felt I might lose him.  I have been spending a very frustrating week trying to get the doctors and Veteran's Administration lab, etc to communicate and get the information together to reassure me that I was wrong, and he is okay.

Today after the doctor's did do yet another test and conferred, Jim was taken to the hospital by ambulance because his potassium levels were life-threatening. He received his first dialysis.  He has received two pints of blood.  It is believed that he will be okay soon, but we have had a close call.

Tomorrow in Anchorage, ACLC hosts a prayer luncheon 10am-noon, WFWP (I am preparing) will have a 10th Founder's Day Commemoration celebrating June 20, 1993, when True Mother spoke in Anchorage, and Kodiak prepares to receive True Parents any day now.

One additional note, in October, 2002, my husband attended an ILC in our mission country Guyana.  The national leader requested that Jim look into getting kidney dialysis machines as a service project and fundraiser for FFWPU, etc. [The country's people desperately needs medical equipment and life support technology projects such as this.]   Initial research helped us see that costs and technical issues made the project a big challenge.  But now we are getting personal experience with everything.  To quote Jim's doctor at the VA when we said good-bye at his last appointment, "you two will become experts in dialyis soon."

God's hand is present in every step of our lives.  May all of you be continually blessed in your missions and your lives.  Let us be victorious with our conditions and our achievements.  Let us end all mistakes and claim all possible victories for the sake of God and Our Precious Parents of Heaven and Earth!

Prayers of healing for Jim will definitely assist the process,

Love, your WFWP sister, Donna Avey

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