The Words of the Jenkins Family

Ambassadors For Peace

Michael Jenkins
June 24, 2003

Dear Family,

200 Ambassadors for Peace, who are legislators, pastors, educators, civic and community leaders have gathered in Washington for the American Leadership Initiative. Congressman Danny Davis co-chair of IIFWP USA along with myself. The Ambassadors for Peace have been with us for many years, from the WFWP, AFC, Washington Times Foundation, UPI Foundation, Service for Peace, CARP, UN outreach mission. They feel that we are one family movement now.

It is truly incredible. They all attended many events over the years: Blessings, True Parents speaking tours, Parents Day and many other activities. We are having a banquet tonight to honor them on Capitol Hill. Over 120 Congressmen are confirmed to come. We are inspiring them concerning the real vision of peace given by our True Parents through the Ambassadors for Peace. In this era of Cheon Il Guk it is incredible. Muslims, Christian, Jewish leaders and many from all faiths have come.

Congressman Davis officially stood before Congress and read the idea for and Interreligious Council to bring peace. This was officially published in the Congressional Record.

We pray that it may help our IIFWP affiliates world wide in the educational efforts.

May God Bless You. True Parents' power is enormous and expanding rapidly to bring Cheon Il Guk into completion.



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