The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy Fourth of July from Chicago - The First and Second Israel are united here

Michael Jenkins
July 4, 2003

Dear Family,

Happy Fourth of July. Let us remember the sacrifice of the patriots and the saints that laid down their lives that this Second Israel could rise at this last day.

As you may recall, last year Father said this is not only America's Day of Independence but from now this day should be celebrated as God's Independence Day. It was on this day that Father offered the July 3rd Second Generation Blessing to Heaven and on the foundation of the 144,000 Clergy Couples Blessing and the successful extension of this blessing to the Second Generation (represented by the Second Generation of prominent religious leaders) Father could complete the condition of engrafting onto the True Olive Tree the first and second generation representing all races and religions. This sealed forever the foundation of substance with True Parents on the world wide religious stage. Therefore, having secured such a foundation Father was able to reveal through the full page newspaper advertisements the Testimonies of Jesus, Muhammad and all the saints concerning the anointing of True Parents as the Messiah and Second Coming. Because of the 144,000 having partaken in the holy wine and having been "sealed" in the prayer of blessing on April 27th and the subsequent extension to the second generation, Father knew that the hurricane of "revelation" from heaven could be unleashed with through the major newspapers in all 50 states. Because the engrafting process onto the True Olive Tree was completed no storm in heaven or on earth can uproot this tree of the grating of all the major religions. Jesus, Muhammad, Bhudda, Confucius and all the saints fully support this grafting process.

Upon that foundation, Father asked us to read the Clouds of Witnesses at all proceedings and gatherings. He told us that as you read it aloud the revelation that the saints revealed on Dec. 25, 2001 can be planted in the hearts of people on earth causing them to move in the direction of the heavenly providence centering on True Parents. This also allows the saints and the myriads in the spirit world to substantially resurrect through the testimony they gave and the substantial result of moving their followers in the direction of the Lord.

As we proclaimed this revelation, great tribulation came upon the religious leaders, particularly those representing the second Israel through ACLC. Our National Co-convener, Pastor T.L. Barrett received tremendous persecution and many prominent Christian clergy, including the head of one denomination representing 8 million Christians proclaimed that his relationship with Father Moon was over !!! Pastor Barrett under severe pressure, trial and tribulation had to step back from the ACLC. Those who proclaimed the revelation from heaven as false, called upon Rev. Barrett to deny Rev. Moon and denounce him. Prominent families, left his church and his local and national bishop called upon him to renounce True Parents. He publicly proclaimed, "Though I do not understand the Clouds of Witnesses, I will never deny that Father and Mother Moon are the "True Parents of Humanity". This lifeline was preserved and Cleo, his wife who came back after 10 years of separation, his son Tory supported his continuing his relationship with ACLC and the Family Movement, (who stood as the Co-Convener with Ishmael Muhammed and Dr. Martin Luther King the III chaired the July 3rd Second Generation Blessing). Dr. Briella who is a full professor at the University of Illinios Medical School and assistant Pastor of Life Center Family Church of God In Christ also encouraged and supported Pastor Barrett to stay with True Parents and ACLC. Bishop Kim and Dr. Yang nourished that thin line of heart that continued to connect Pastor Barrett to this providence. Bishop Stallings and other ACLC clergy found the Holy Spirits power in the Clouds of Witnesses and on September 14th the breakthrough came that opened the floodgates of support for the Interreligious Blessing and ACLC. With the Clouds of Witnesses being read at the Sept. 14th blessing by Bishop Stalli ngs, those who proclaimed the imminent demise of ACLC were stunned at the outpouring of heart and support from the most prominent clergy in America, including Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker and Rev. Dr. E.V. Hill. Also, the Moslem clerics streamed through the gates and the brother of one African president, hearing Father Moon's call to marry beyond religion this Muslim leader brought his Christian fiance forward asking for Father's blessing on this Christian Moslem marriage. The Day of the Lord has come.

That's why it is so profound here in Chicago. 5 Israeli's who were touched by the Jerusalem Pilgrimage and the spirit of repentance came for the four dayDivine Principle conference last week. Hearing all the key contents of the Principle and sitting together with 70 Clergy and one Palestinian Moslem scholars and could feel and understand that the word of God was being revealed that made us all feel God's love and confirmation that we all shall receive our Crown and that the era of division was now over.

They went on to bring magnificent testimony to the Middle East Peace Initiative at the IIFWP including the fact that because the Christians have taken down their crosses Israel is being touched. They expressed that Rabbis and Scholars are feeling that this is the first time that a real ray of hope that Jews and Christians could become one was ever sincerely felt. They shared that there is no possibility of this unity with the cross standing as a wall of accusation and division.

They are now bringing this incredible testimony to Chicago. They testified at Pastor Barrett's church and shared how the ACLC has opened the door for the first and second Israel to come together. Dr. Baruch Shelev shared, "Until this cross came down he couldn't think about Jesus. Now, surrounded by the ACLC Christians he said I feel the love of Jesus. I can say I love Jesus. When I see Christians sacrificing themselves and being persecuted to reach their brothers and sisters in Israel it moves my heart."

Pastor Barrett shared, "Israel changed my life. It changed my heart. I've been there before, but not meeting with Christians and Muslims and Jews all repenting together and weeping. Only Father Moon could do this. That's why I'm sure they are the True Parents. They are doing the work of the Messiah. It is so clear. Jesus has ordained and blessed this work."

That's why the July 5th Blessing is so profound. It is being held in Pastor Barretts church for the World to see and Know. That the love of God is pouring down from heaven, blessing the families and transforming this world. The Testimony of the saints will be read tomorrow before the Blessing. Pastor Barrett said, "Father's love is so great, lets go ahead then. I don't feel difficult about it anymore." Dr. H.G. McGhee who was the enemy of this work for the last 25 years, will read the testimony.

One Palestian couple, A Jewish Couple and a Christian couple will be the representative couples to receive True Parents Blessing.

Alleluia - The Day of the Lord Has Come.



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