The Words of the Jenkins Family

End of the era of the cross, and next Jerusalem Pilgrimage

Michael Jenkins
July 10, 2003
Seoul, Korea

Dear Leaders and all families,

The most central dispensational focus at this time is concerning the Interreligious Council as an advisory body to the UN. In connection with preparation for that effort, Father is setting the condition of unifying the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israel. This has been prepared for by the extensive work of IIFWP throughout the world, and particularly the Middle East. Upon that foundation, Father directed ACLC to lead the movement to end the era of the cross, proclaiming the resurrection and era of life based on Jesus' victory and True Father's inheritance and expansion of that victory through the blessing to all families.

Father directed ACLC after taking down the cross to go to Israel for the Holy Land pilgrimages. Through the Jerusalem Declaration, Christians repented for not having loved the Jewish people as Jesus would love them, and also repented for not understanding that the cross was not the original intention of God but became the secondary painful course because of Jesus' rejection. Also the Jerusalem Declaration brought forth an understanding that Jesus should have lived, and therefore the Jewish representatives in the pilgrimage could embrace this understanding and convey their sorrow that Israel and Jesus could not come together 2,000 years ago.

This victory, which was sealed in prayer by True Parents, was extended to the 2nd Israel through the Middle East Peace Initiative conference. Through the panel discussion with Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders, the same spirit was brought to America of reconciliation, repentance, and love. Out of this conference came the Washington Declaration, which was a synthesis of IFFWP's earlier initiatives worldwide, and connected with the Jerusalem pilgrimage.

Father then called for a third step in consummating the unity of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Israel through a conference in Korea, Aug. 11-15. One delegate from each nation of the world will be selected, and many delegates from Israel and the US will represent the 1st and 2nd Israel. We will extend the Jerusalem Declaration to the soil of the Fatherland. This will become the foundation for the Interreligious Council to be introduced in the United Nations.

Father has also called for an additional pilgrimage to Israel, and based on the inspiration of the Christian, Moslem and Jewish leaders, Father has asked for a peace march that will bring healing and love between Palestinians and Israelis, Jews, Christians and Muslims. This will be held in early September.

In addition, to prepare for the next pilgrimage to Israel, Father has asked for three theological conferences, entitled "The Cross Reconsidered: Historical and Theological Perspectives." Just before Dr. Yang and I left for Korea, Father called Dr. Yang and gave a new direction: three theological seminars dealing with taking down the cross must be held before the next Jerusalem pilgrimage, probably in August. They will be held in a Jewish seminary, an Islamic center, and a Christian seminary in America, one day each, modeled after the Georgetown symposium that was held on May 10th.

Also, the Lasting Love conference and the current WCSF conference are mobilizing the world's youth from all religions. The interreligious Peace Sports Festival going on now in Korea has Jewish, Christian and Moslem youth participating, as well as youth from all the world's religions, to compete in a way that brings peace and unity. The Lasting Love conference, held Aug. 1-15, will include intensive Divine Principle study. At the end it will attend a blessing and final banquet together with the IIFWP 3rd Israel conference, which is the third step of the Jerusalem Declaration.

Rev. Kwak shared with us tonight that in Father's eyes there is no division between Israel, Christianity, and Korea, the 3rd Israel. They are one historical body. Therefore, all these conferences and activities between May and September are all foundations for the victorious expansion and substantiation of Cheon Il Guk centering on the Israels. This will be the basis from which the UN can receive the advisory council. The March for Peace will be a very important step in this process. The three Theological conferences, the Lasting Love conference, and the August IIFWP conference in Korea are most crucial at this time.

The work that our missionaries are doing with Christian Churches is also directly connected with this providence of the 2nd Israel. Please support these missionaries and work with them for one family-one church. In order for the 2nd Israel to stand strong, the crosses need to continue coming down. Father said as we do this, spiritual fire will sweep America. We have already seen the enormous impact on Israel from this effort. Rabbis and Jewish leaders are opening their hearts to Christianity for the first time. Key Jewish leaders came to America and joined with Moslem and Christian leaders to hear 4-day Divine Principle content from June 24-27. These Jewish leaders went on with the Islamic leader of Palestine to the blessing, substantiating the path to peace through the blessing.

Please continue to give your sincere offering for Heaven's Dispensation.

Thanks, America.

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President FFWPU, USA

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