The Words of the Jenkins Family

Sun Moon Peace King Cup

Michael Jenkins
July 18, 2003

Dear Family,

On Tuesday, July 15, with True Parents, we attended the Soccer game between our Seungnam Il Hwa Soccer Team and the world cup champion team of Turkey. Rev. Kwak, as chairman of the Peace Cup gave a brief opening address that this competition was based on the ideals of faith and family and was designed to bring international relations into the world of peace. (By the way the Turkish team beat the Korean team at the World Cup). About 50,000 bought tickets to attend.

It was one of the most exciting soccer games ever. Turkey got ahead by one goal and then Il Hwa came back and tied it in the first half.

Both teams were top of the line. Then a torrential downpour relentless poured down in the second half. It was endless rain to the degree that everytime the ball was kicked it created a misty splash. It was a life or death battle. The 90 minute period finished and there was final play in the injury overtime. At the last possible second the SeungNam Team drove the ball to the goal and scored.

The brand new stadium built for the world cup went wild. Korea won. True Parents brought victory again. This is the age of Cheon Il Guk.

Thanks. MWJ

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