The Words of the Jenkins Family

Rev. Carl V. Rawls from Alabama on TV and in Washington

Michael Jenkins
July 26, 2003

Dear Family,

The effort to reach out to Christians churches through our Church Outreach efforts and the "One Family, One Church" and especially the Japanese Missionaries is beginning to snowball. Rev. Rawls was met for the first time in March of this year! He came to the Divine Principle Convocation in Chicago and then joined the ACLC. He and his wife have a very significant ministry and work.

Rev. Rawls just completed a television interview with an affiliate program of TBN Praise the Lord hosted by Dr. David Stevens. We sincerely thank Rev. Won Geun Kim and Rev. Terry Yamane for bringing forth this powerful minister.

It is a testimony to how rapidly major clergy are coming forward now upon hearing the word and the work that Jesus and the saints are manifesting from heaven.

The witness he gives to the ACLC is quite powerful. He testifies to his experience in Israel and the overwhelming power that has come to his ministry and congregation after having taken down the cross and exchanging it for a crown. As he spoke the host of the program, Rev. Stevens became more and more inspired. He kept asking Rev. Rawls to share more. As he did the power of the Holy Spirit was invoked and he began to testify to the heart of Jesus. Everything Jesus did and every word he spoke was calling upon the chosen people to believe. They were to believe. Because they did not believe Jesus was forced to the secondary path of the cross. He brought victory through his love, forgiveness and resurrection. The fact that he overcame death is the power of the Christian experience. Therefore the cross is not where our focus should be, but rather, our focus must be on giving life.

He goes on to testify to the impact of taking down the cross and his experience with Rabbis and other key leaders in Israel. "Without a doubt, the removal of the cross is the removal of the wall between us and our Elder Brother - the people of Judaism. I saw with my own eyes the people weeping. We took down our crosses and said we want to repent together. Our Jewish brothers and sisters have been seeking to end this long history of accusation and isolation. The Christians stepped out of the box and in doing so we met our Jewish brethren. We were never to be separated. What was really interesting was that the host kept getting more and more excited. He said that to lead our congregations at this time we must be open to the "New" work that God is doing. He thanked Rev. Rawls and testified that a "real" Christianity is coming forth, not to sit in our denominations and just wait for the Lord but a real Christianity that is going out unto the world to "reconcile the world to him."

Rev. Rawls was invited by our National ACLC board to come to Washington D.C. to do some interviews and to congratulate our Washington ACLC and the Silver Medalist Basketball team that was in the finals in Korea against the Russian team.

We had a great luncheon on Thursday, July 24, 2003 in Washington. Rev. Rawls was asked to speak. He testified that ACLC is on the cutting edge of Christianity. "The churches across America are talking about ACLC and the movement to end the era of the cross and exchange it for a crown. I was feeling deeply in my ministry and church that God is calling me to do more. I felt these feelings and then I was invited to the convocation on the the Divine Principle and then I joined the American Clergy Leadership Conference. It started in March of this year. I found out what God was doing to make this change in history. The Principle is real and it is very powerful and it expresses the will of God from the Bible." He expressed gratitude for Father and Mother Moon and then he proclaimed in a deep tone. God has revealed to me who Rev. Moon is. I know who he is. That changes everything. Now that I know the truth I am called by God to dedicate my life and ministry to the establishment of God's Kingdom on this earth. The blessing of marriages is the key to the Kingdom. This is our time in history. Rev. Daugherty and I couldn't believe it. We feel like we are witnessing the same phenomenon that occurred when Paul saw the light. It is so profound. New pastors are coming forward convicted on the word of God and confirmed in the spirit that God has anointed Father and Mother Moon for this time. The confirmation is rapidly occurring from the spirit world. People are experiencing Jesus and Jesus is telling them to turn to ACLC and Father's work.

Thanks Second Israel.


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