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Special New Holy Wine Condition - August 20th

Michael Jenkins
August 20, 2003

Dear Family,

Based on the foundation of the first, second and third Israel becoming one Father is conduction a new Holy Wine Ceremony on August 20th. The Continental directors of each continent are attending a special ceremony officiated by our True Parents at Han Nam Dong today. In this ceremony they are receiving Holy Wine for all Blessed Central Families throughout the world. Also, a special condition is to be made in which the participants of the Jerusalem Declaration, Washington Declaration and the Seoul Declaration will all receive this Holy Wine and blessing.

Father said that this condition is connected with Father's liberation from Danbury on August 20, 1985. The fulfillment of the repentance of the first Israel with the Second Israel for not properly understanding and embracing Jesus set the condition for Israel to be forgiven and to be allowed now to go forward in reconciliation with Palestine. (Ishmael). The repentance by the third Israel (Unification Movement) after Father's trial of March 16 - May 1 allowed for a condition of total forgiveness on May 31, True Day of All things. During Father's 7 hour speech Father passed through a "symbolic" 7 days of creation and then went through a course to "reestablish" all the conditions in Father's course since 1945. On May 31st Father forgave and "reestablished" the 36 couples, he went a recommissioned UTS and commissioned the world movement through a "providence for the start" centering on the "Word". The 21 day condition that all Blessed Central Families participated in centered on a condition of continuously doing Hoon Dok Hae centering on the God's "Word" given through Father's May speeches. Through this course Father set the conditions to "touch" and restore every aspect of his historic ministry.

On this basis Father could extend the unity of the first and second Israel in the Jerusalem Pilgrimage through the IIFWP Conferences in June 27 - 29 in which the Jerusalem Declaration was reaffirmed in the Second Israel through the Washington Declaration. Through the IIFWP Conference in Seoul on August 11 - 15, "The World at a Turning Point", the Seoul Declaration was affirmed which allowed the Jerusalem Declaration to be affirmed in the third Israel, with Judaism, Christianity with the spiritual third Israel the Unification Movement (FFWPU). In addition through this unity (first, second and third Israel) the gate was opened for reconciliation with Isaac (Judeo-Christianity) and Ishmael (Islam) and therefore the Muslim World Leadership could play a most historic role in the August 11 - 15th conference. One major world Muslim leader signed the declaration and proclaimed the success of True Father in bringing true peace through the unity of the world religions. In addition, this unity also opened the door for the world religions to unite. Therefore, this most historic conference also set the condition to "commission" the world religious leaders and the Ambassadors for Peace worldwide to issue a call for all their nations to support an Interreligious Council for the UN.

The day after the conference finished on August 16th Father announced that a new start and total purification would be achieved through the distribution of Holy Wine world wide for all blessed couples and in particular for the participants of the three historic declarations (Jerusalem, Washington and Seoul).

Father has now commissioned a new Pilgrimage to Israel on September 16 - 23rd which will bring a new level of unity between the first and second Israel together with Islam. Father has called for a Fourth Declaration to be crafted. Since the condition of repentance removed the condition of enmity between Palestine and Israel the reconciliation and unity of Israel and Palestine will be secured from this time. (This was not possible before we set this condition of the Jerusalem Pilgrimage and extended that victory on to Washington and Seoul which include all the religions of the world. All of these events are directly linked to the establishment and expansion of Cheon Il Guk.

Father said that through the reconciliation and restoration of the unity of the First (Judaism) and the Second Israel (Christianity) The condition is set for the wall between Islam, Christianity and Judaism to come down. On this basis the wall between North and South Korea will come tumbling down. The resolution of the division in Israel through the past conditions and Declarations, and the new Pilgrimage will open the way for the Third Israel of Korea (External) to be unified. Also it allows for the third Israel to unify as one nation and then come into the proper relationship with the (Unification Movement and all religions of Korea- Internal). These conditions set by True Father are also opening the door for the proper relationship between the Unification Movement (third Israel) and Christianity (Second Israel) as Abel and Cain. (Jacob and Esau). On this foundation the religious sphere can become the internal foundation to guide the Family Party of Ambassadors for Peace as the (Diplomatic) or external foundation of Cheon Il Guk.

The Holy Wine is an enormous condition of grace and allows for a new beginning for Cheon Il Guk (The Kingdom of God on Earth).

Let us go forward in preparation to receive this Holy Wine Ceremony and a new condition of cleansing for the further solidification and expansion of the Cheon Il Guk.

Thanks America,


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