The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father's Request: 7 Day Period Of Prayer

Michael Jenkins
August 25, 2003

Dear Leaders and Families,

Today at Hoon Dok Hae Father asked us to do a special period of prayer and repentance and new determination for total unity for 7 days. This is also a prayer of unity to make our determination that America fulfill our providential responsibility in relationship to the UN and Cheon Il Guk.

He said that these seven days represent 7000 years of God's dispensation. (6000 years of Biblical History and the 7th Millenium that we have now entered centering on True Parents and Cheon Il Guk.) Also, central to this dispensation is the reading of the messages from the Presidents of the United States. (An edited version will be distributed on Monday.)

We can do this 7 days of prayer in conjunction with the 7 days of prayer that was requested in the National HQ memo sent out Sunday August 24th in the morning in preparation for our Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine Ceremony that all Blessed Families are to participate in at their state or regional church headquarters on Sunday August 31 at Sunday Service or at a time specified by your regional director.



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