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Chicago Jericho Walk And Blessing - Now We Go To March For Peace In The Holy Land

Michael Jenkins
September 7, 2003

Dear Family,

Our Chicago Family Church members and CARP/ STF Youth Ministries marched the same path the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. walked in Chicago. When he walked to Marquette Park in 1966 and was stoned. Like the Edmund Pettus Bridge march of ACLC last week we could march this historic trail years latter but now with Black, White, Hispanic and Asian together. Through the marches freedom was won in America. Thank you Bishop Kim for your consistent heart. This is the 9th year in a row the Family Church marched with Bishop Connie Bansa - founder of the renowned Jericho Walk in Chicago. As with past Marches we began in the church and received True Parent's blessing for Marriage and Family through Bishop and Mrs. Kim.

At one time or another in the last 9 years, the Governor, the Mayor, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Minister Farrakhan, Pastor T.L. Barrett and many more key leaders have made it to the Jericho Walk. The schools and surrounding churches support this walk in faith to "tear down the walls" of race and community to end the killing and violence. Now Rev. Bansa is preparing to take this spirit with us to the Holy Land to end the violence there. Like Joshua shouting and seeing the walls come down. We will shout out praises to God for sending True Parents and showing that the way of True Healing is through the Blessing.

Now we go to the Holy Land to March for World Freedom. We will be victorious. True Parents power and authority is absolute. The Clergy are deeply inspired and courageous. We want to see Muslims, Christians and Jews arm in arm calling for an absolute end to the violence. The Peace Council has the power to go where political efforts end. We will move the hearts of the religious leaders and the people whom God has prepared.

We must do this because it is right, just and needed. We must now bring the age of the Blessing of True Family. After our march in Israel we will conduct and International and Interreligious Blessings, Muslim Imams, Christian Leaders and Rabbis, together with Buddhist leaders and great men and women from the faiths of the world will "bless" in prayer the couples that we gather. As it was with our Jericho Walk today - the walls came down. Black, White, Hispanic and Asian. All of God's children are now prepared to be one family before the Lord.

This is for real. The Living God that walked with Joshua, lifted up Jesus and brought forth Muhammad is about to deliver peace in Israel.

When we came back from the Pilgrimage on May 20th here is what Father told the clergy:

Father's May 20th Instructions to ACLC:

1. You must embrace the first Israel, win their hearts and then solve the problem of the struggle in the Middle East, in particular solve the problem of the struggle between the Palestinians and Jews. 2. You must bring this solution before the key American leaders to show the power that True Parents now have. 3. Upon this foundation you must influence the Second Israel of America to help unify North and South Korea.

The stage of History is set for the Fourth Israel to now emerge through the reconciliation of the Jacob and Esau in the Holy Land. The Second Israel is the reconciling force of love. Please pray for this mission America. God is with us.

Thanks America. Thanks beloved Chicago Family !!!


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