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330 Called To Give $1000 Each, 120 To NY For 40 Days, Article on Israel

Michael Jenkins
September 8, 2003

Dear Family,

We thank you for staying connected in heart with God's providence and sacrificing at this time. Yesterday, Father was moved by the attendance of American members and asked us to take responsibility for the restoration of the failures of the first, second and third Israels. Through the first Jerusalem Pilgrimage the Jerusalem Declaration was signed bringing the descendants of Abraham together representing Jacob through the first and second Israel. Through that Pilgrimage they embraced each other and together in repentance then embraced the descendants of Ishmael represented by Islam. This reconciliation was extended to the Washington Declaration and then the Seoul Declaration. On this basis Father could proclaim the formation of the Fourth Israel that is composed of religious and political leaders from all religions, races, nations and cultures. This, together with the Ambassadors for Peace, has become the substantial, external body of Cheon Il Guk. Father has now directed a second Pilgrimage to go to Israel. He has asked Blessed Central Families to sacrifice to make this posible. He has said this will be the first action of the Fourth Israel and, if we fulfill our responsibility, this will bring peace to the Middle East.

Brothers and Sisters, as you have been reading on the news Israel and Palestine are two brothers locked in a last days conflict that is spiraling out of control. The article included with this message talks about the Holy Land entering the "Gates of Hell" and gives the understanding of how urgent it is. Our ACLC Clergy are going to march through the "Gates of Hell" and turn into the "Gates of Peace and Reconciliation." How - Through the power of God through our True Parents and the coming together of religious leaders from all sides. We need your prayers and sacrificial support. It was the same urgency that was felt when suddenly North Korea emerged last December and January on the edge of launching an all out offensive on the south. Father, set in motion the Cheon Il Guk activity in which 2400 families from the Fatherland, Motherland and Elderson nation responded. America fulfilled its goal during that and united with True Parents, with that the "atmosphere" in Korea drastically changed. We are asking the Cheon Il Guk "2400" to stand up at this time. WE NEED 330 TO MAKE THE $1000 DONATION, EVERY FAMILY TO GIVE $100 FOR THE PILGRIMAGE AND 120 VOLUNTEERS TO REPRESENT AMERICA IN THE HISTORIC 40 DAY ACTIVITY IN NEW YORK TOGETHER WITH THE PRINCIPLE NATIONS OF WWII AND KOREA (7 NATIONS TOTAL).

Under the condition and inspiration of our True Parents we brought victory in the Cheon Il Guk Activity, we achieved, together with IIFWP Israel the foundation for reconciliation of the three Israels and Islam. We are now called to solidify the bonds of the religions of the fourth Israel and allow the glory and love of God to manifest through the Blessing Movement that we will now bring to Israel. That is why we need 330 Americans to give $1000 and the rest of all of our Blessed Families to give $100 each. I believe with all of my heart that America is ready to shoulder the full burden of God's providence. The clergy are united and the blessed central families have staked their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" to establish God's Kingdom at this time.

Father said these pilgrimages and the March for Peace in Israel are key components to demonstrating the path to peace and a model for what is possible through the development of the Interreligious Councils. Father indicated that, as the second Israel representing the love of Jesus, it is America's mission and responsibility to bring peace through religious leaders in the Middle East. This is the mission of America to be done through ACLC and IIFWP Israel.

On May 20th upon the return of the ACLC Clergy Father gave this direction:

1. You must embrace the first Israel, win their hearts and then solve the problem of the struggle in the Middle East, in particular solve the problem of the struggle between the Palestinians and Jews. 2. You must bring this solution before the key American leaders.

Yesterday, on September 7th, Father spoke:

"On the day the Palestine and Israel are united it will be the end of all war in the world."

Yesterday Father asked all American members to be very focused at this time. (September and October). 120 Americans are being asked to come from Sunday, September 14th to engage in a special 40 day activity for the restoration of all the past mistakes of America and all key nations. He has asked American Blessed Families to support the historic Jerusalem Pilgrimage - (Already 70 brothers and sisters have give $1000 toward for the Pilgrimage).

We sincerely ask that 330 Americans to give $1000 each right away. This is the time to set the condition for America. Please send your donation to 4 West 43rd St., NY, NY 10036, payable to HSA UWC. Note - Jerusalem Pilgrimage. Each family that donates $1000 will receive a special Geth Semane Stone mounted on natural Olive Wood. These stones are authenticated and certified to be from the Garden where Jesus prayed and where Father established our Holy Ground This will be a treasure for your family and your posterity. We have also asked that every family in North America give a minimum of $100 by September 16th. Please give your heart for this historic mission.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation For World Peace and Unification

'Gates of Hell' threat sparks Israeli alert

By David Blair in Jerusalem

(Filed: 08/09/2003)

Israel and the Palestinians were braced last night for a spiral of bloodshed after Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, called the Hamas leadership "marked men" and the terrorist group said the Holy Land was entering the "gates of Hell".

Israeli troops sealed off the West Bank and Gaza to try to prevent suicide attacks as pressure grew on Mr Sharon to deport Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader.

Last night at least 11 people, including three children, were injured after Israeli helicopters fired two missiles at the home of Abdel Salam Abu Musa, a Hamas militant, in Khan Younis on the Gaza Strip.

The crisis was triggered by the resignation of Mahmoud Abbas, the moderate Palestinian prime minister. It was deepened by a failed Israeli attempt to kill Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas.

Mr Abbas's resignation and the confusion surrounding his possible successor have shredded America's "road map" for peace.

Mr Sharon, who has continued his "targeted assassinations" of extremists despite an abortive ceasefire, said that Hamas's leadership was "marked for death".

"We will give them no rest," he said. "We will continue pursuing them because they have only one goal: the destruction of Israel." Of the four key Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip, three have been wounded in assassination attempts since June.

Sheikh Yassin escaped with cuts and bruises after an F16 jet dropped a 500lb bomb on a house he was visiting in Gaza City on Saturday. This attempt to kill the principal founder of Hamas sparked popular anger. Abdel-Aziz Rantissi, a key figure in Hamas, said: "The gates of Hell have been opened and every Jew is a target."

Within 24 hours of an attempt to kill Mr Rantissi in June, a suicide bomb attack killed 16 people in Jerusalem.

Mr Abbas's resignation has created a power vacuum at the heart of the Palestinian Authority and allowed Mr Arafat to move back to centre stage despite American-led attempts to isolate him.

Mr Arafat called a meeting of his Fatah faction in the West Bank city of Ramallah to discuss Mr Abbas's successor.

The gathering appeared to settle on Ahmed Qureia, the speaker of the Palestinian legislative council and an Arafat loyalist. Mr Abbas's departure increased pressure on Mr Sharon to deport Mr Arafat, who is confined to his compound in Ramallah.

Silvan Shalom, the foreign minister, became the third member of the cabinet publicly to urge this course. "His expulsion is inevitable after years of involvement in terrorism," he said.

Mr Abbas had sought to wrest control of the Palestinian security services from Mr Arafat. This was his only means of meeting Israeli and American demands for a crackdown on Hamas and other militant groups.

Colin Powell, the American secretary of state, called for Mr Abbas's successor to be given these powers.

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