The Words of the Jenkins Family

Call To Action - Americans Called To NY - 120 To Come By September 13

Michael Jenkins
September 10, 2003

Dear Family,

Father has asked for an all out mobilization of every man woman and child in America. All hearts should be totally connected to True Parents at this time. Father has asked for maximum sacrifice.

The vanguard of this sacrifice will be a 30 - 40 day mobilization for 120 Patriots who understand Father's serious call. Father has asked Americans members (from all races and backgrounds, i.e. Spanish, Japanese, white, black etc) to come to New York by September 13th. We will have a special 5 am service at the New Yorker to begin this march.

Through this course Father has told us that the 6 nations (3 axis) and (3 allied) from WWII stood at a crucial moment in history. Because the Abel side overcame the Cain side the Foundation of Substance was established and True Father's Messianic mission could begin. The international organization that was formed in New York was a most historic and dispensational assembly of nations. Christianity and the U.S. could not fulfill its role to properly set up the international organization so that Communism would not spread at that time. Due to this failure the dispensation to receive the messiah failed.

Father's 40 year course indemnified this failure opening the way for Christianity to resume its role. Over time this led to recent reconciliation of the first, second and third Israel and the formation of the fourth Israel.

In this era the restoration of what occurred after 1945 must now be secured for the formation of the new international organization for peace. That's why 120 disciples from 6 nations centering on Korea as the 7th nation must now set the condition of unity to recreate this international foundation.

At the same time America in particular has a very central role as the Elder Son Nation to lead the way at this time and to help guide the existing International organization of nations to establish an interreligious council that will allow religious leaders to work with political leaders to solve the root causes of conflict between peoples. Those causes must be resolved through repentance and reconciliation.

America. Now is the time to rise up and fulfill our destiny to build the Kingdom of God on earth.

Sign up Now through your regional headquarters. 300 have signed up from Europe, 240 from Japan and Korea and 80 from America. Let your sacrifice at this time be an eternal source of pride for you and your lineage. Father is calling. Please answer the call.



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