The Words of the Jenkins Family

America Must Respond - Leaders Are Needed

Michael Jenkins
September 13, 2003

Dear Regional and Vice Regional Directors,

Until Wednesday, September 10, Dr. Yang and I were not informed that we were to be responsible for the direction and activity of the 840 volunteers. We were simply asked to bring 120 Americans to support this effort in New York.

On Wednesday we received the assignment to be fully responsible for everything that the 840 (less 70 that will work on the UN) will do. We assessed the situation through all day meetings on Wednesday. On that day we sent out an email calling for every man, woman and child in America to support this effort. (Father's words) Thanks to your support we are doing well to bring 120 members from America. However, once we became fully responsible for the activity, we realized that we need leadership. On Thursday, September 11th we sent the formal memo requesting all VRD's and State Leaders to come as well as WFWP leaders, CARP, AFC and all major organizations. On Friday, we sent an additional email and Dr. Yang directly asked the regional directors to make sure that we send our leaders to NY.

Please understand, all the national leadership from each country is coming. All national messiahs (who helped with the 144,000) are coming. (i.e. 36 couples, 72 couples and so forth - major leaders). Father directed that our international FFWPUI President Rev. Sun Jo Hwang directly come and participate - he arrives tomorrow. Father has placed total emphasis on this dispensation as the central activity for the providence at this crucial time. It's all connected with the time Father went through the trial from March 16th to May 1st of this year. That's why, here in New York as we are attending True Parents we feel an incredible sense of urgency. I'm sorry if we haven't conveyed it well but we are counting on the American leadership to respond to this urgent call and lead this providence.

We need leaders here, not just members. Dr. Yang and I, Mr. Jim Flynn, Michael Leone, and all Headquarters and all NY and New Jersey leaders have mobilized full time to New York. Mrs. Alexa Ward is arriving tomorrow for 30 days.

The Region should support our VRD's and State Leaders who come. We realize fully that every month there is some urgent mobilization (IPSF, Lasting Love, Fishing in Alaska and now the Pilgrimage to Israel in which the regions had to help a lot of the ministers.) However, Father is directly leading and guiding this providence. Father said the other day, that Father should not be here. He should be in Korea. He is only a visitor here now. But because of the urgent situation we must fulfill at this time. Father is here to sacrifice and give full support that we will be sure to fulfill our responsibility.

VRD's and State Leaders, we are not looking for members just to fulfill quotas. We are looking for leaders. The 840 volunteers will be inviting people everyday to one hour seminars so that they will become Ambassadors for Peace. We need 84 leaders for these teams. We need lecturers. We need VRD's to join with each NY Leader and lead the 100 plus members that will be working in each district.

We need a service coordinator in each and every district that will set up our service activity.

The schedule will be as follows:

Morning Hoon Dok, meeting and breakfast, departure 10 am - 1pm - Service activity


2 - 6 Visiting leaders, churches, community centers and civic officials with the approach book and asking them become an Amb. for Peace Distributing the Presidents Messages

6 Dinner and program to create Amb. For Peace.

10 Individual prayer and rest.

They will be invited to two major events:



Whether you can come for 4 weeks, 3 weeks, 2 weeks or one week. It is essential that, as an American leader you come and support this historic providence.

Dr. Yang will meet all leaders on Saturday, September 14th at 8 pm at the New Yorker - Fourth Floor. Buses will depart for Hoon Dok Hae at EG with True Parents at 3:50 AM from the New Yorker. We will return in the afternoon for further organization.

Monday, September 15 we will begin the historic campaign.

True Father is scheduled to kick off the Campaign on Monday.

If you can only make by Sunday night, fine.

Please email me directly. I need to know each and every leaders situation. Also, I need to know what capable state leaders are coming.

Thanks Regional Directors and all American Leaders.


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