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Letter From The Holy Land - Please Pray For The Peace March

Michael Jenkins
September 21, 2003

Dear Family,

We completed our journey to Rome and are now in Israel. We are deeply grateful for the 840 members who are making an historic sacrifice to fullfill God's providence. To Rev. Hwang and all leaders and members in Israel we can see with our own eyes how urgent our mission is in New York. Please sacrifice more and to all American members, whoever can come to New York immediately. In Israel the situation is so tense and so urgent that the clear need for Interreligious Peace Councils is crystal clear.

The Middle East is boiling. Every day there are many tragedies occurring. However, the spirit behind the religious leaders with our pilgrimage is very profound. We feel the profound support of Jesus, Muhammad and all the founders from the heavenly realm. We are grateful to be part of True Parents dispensation.

In Rome we again toured Paul's prison and the site of his execution. Many clergy cancelled in the last two weeks before the journey. Many times out of concerns raised by family and friends about the war like conditions -- they lost will to go on. Interestingly as soon as one cancelled another clergy would suddenly sign up to go. Many times they felt that they must do something to stop the bloodshed.

Many had to overcome great trials to go. In Rome on our first night, the Italian family provided a tremendous fellowship at their main center and vineyard outside of Rome. It was a totally "Family Church" type spirit. We sincerely thank the Rev. Cali and the Italian family for the heart that was given to the ACLC pastors. The 123 Pastors and Unificationists all took down their crosses are feel that this is the call of God.

Testifying to the trials that many had to go through to decide on this trip, Pastor Jimmie Clark of Texas gave his testimony. could not make the last pilgrimage and swore that he would go this time. He paid his ticket and was ready. Just one week before our departure his son in law Anson was attacked by a carjacker who walked up to his car with a shot gun and shot him in the face. The attacker then pulled him out of the car and then shot him again in the back. Again he aimed his gun to finish him when he saw Anson's 8 year old daughter on the porch. He then decided to kill her. He fired another blast and it took out the front window of the house. Then he aimed the gun again walking towards her. Suddenly she saw a circle of angels around her and another angel knocking the gun aside as he shot again.

The killer got scared, took the car and drove off. The girl was not harmed. Anson went into critical condition. His face and both eyes were full of shotgun pellets. He was blind and hanging by a thread. Rev. Clark was there before the ambulance had left. His daughter and son in law had just had a baby the week before. Somehow Anson held on for life. Rev. Clark could only think about saving him. He canceled his trip to go. As soon as he canceled, he began to feel turmoil. He then couldn't sleep, not only due to the tragedy but because he felt that he must think about the sons and daughters in Israel (Muslims and Jews) who are dying everyday. He felt the spirit of the Lord come over him. If I sit here my son in law may die anyway with me not doing anything. If I go to Israel I can help stop the global violence. I know this is what God wants. "I put my son in laws life in your hands Lord. I'm going to Israel" he prayed. He testified that as soon as he made up his mind, his son in law got better.

He then told the Pastors, Father Moon is calling us to risk our very lifes to bring peace in Israel. Jesus taught us that if you seek to gain your life you'll lose it, but if you seek to lose your you will gain it. With tears in his eyes he said, "I'm going to the Holy Land, I've given up my life so I don't fear death. God is with us. We must sacrifice ourselves to realize peace. Peace is not free. It must be paid for.

The Pastors were deeply moved. Two days latter Rev. Clark testified that his son is beginning to see out of one eye. There is hope that he will live also see again.

The next night Bishop Stallings gave a sermon and stated to the 123 that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the savior, Messiah and King of Kings. The most powerful part is that the pastors are accepting it with their hearts. Rev. Rawls who led the Selma March a few weeks ago. Is also leading this trip. " Rev. Rawls said I was a little apprehensive at first. But now I realized that only through our walking this path with many religious leaders side by side can we end the violence. I'm not afraid of anything now. I'm ready to go to Gaza.

Therefore Brothers and Sisters, these clergy who know that Father is the Second coming of the Messiah.

These are the clergy that are leading the Peace March in Israel. The next day Rev. Bennett Hayes of Gloryland Baptist Church in Houston gave testimony. He shared about how he became upset in Ocean City when he first heard the principle. He shared how he couldn't accept the part about John's failure and then late that night his concience told him to read it again in his room. He read it and believed. Now he's teaching the Divine Principle from his pulpit. He testified that so many members of his church have bougth the DP and are now testifying to other church Bible studies. He said they are excited because they are getting persecuted for saying that Jesus didn't come to die but was to live. Pastor Hayes testified that his church of (2500) is gaining members every week because of the persecution.

Then Rev. Hayes shared that he has no fear of death and prepared his mind to accept dying if necessary. He said I was prepared by God many years ago in Vietnam. My job was to go out and find out what happend to patrols that didn't come back. I went into the bush by myself many times and go pinned down. The ACLC minister who introduced me to this movement was a helicopter pilot that saved my life. Because he saved me I promised that I would go with him anywhere. He took me to the Divine Principle Convocation in Ocean City. (last October) Everyday since that convocation I've bee like a man on fire. Now my wife has caught the fire. He testified that in addition to finding patrols he got a lot of assignments to be the point many in a mission. He said, "Rev. Jenkins, I do not fear death, please make me the lead of this March through Jewish and Moslem Territory. Please put me in the front row. I am not fearing anything. Let's march.

Brothers and Sisters - this it a real live Interreligious Council. The Interreligious Council in Action. It is our prayer that tommorow at the March our efforts will be blessed by God to support the armies of the Living God that are "Marching" in ever[y district in NY. Thank you 840. Please pray for victory.

Tomorrow we march. 120 Christians, 120 Jewish and 120 Muslim leaders have confirmed for the march. Many Imams are coming. Already many major media have confirmed. One scholar noted that this is the first time in Jerusalem that religious leaders from the three faiths walk through the Jewish and Muslim Arab communities. This it the first time in history. This it the Interreligious Council. We are not only going to march together but we will stay together and bring all the religious leaders of the three Abrahamic faiths together.

Imam Bundakjim from Los Angeles (Orange County) is head of one of the Largest Muslim Mosques and community centers in America. He has been blessed and totally embraces Father and Mother as the True Parents. He is well known in the Middle East and is opening doors left and right to the major Muslim leaders of Palestine and Israel. God is guiding us. Amazingly we are being welcomed by both sides.

Bishop Stallings, Rev. Jesse Edwards, Pastor Barrett, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson. Dr. Lonnie McLeod understand and believe in True Parents. They are leading the movement here. Father, through Rev. Ji, Hod Ben Zwi and Rev. Abe made and incredible foundation of Jews (Rabbis and other leaders) and Muslims completely trust Father's work. They are helping us plan and carry out the responsibility. This is amazing. to see Rev. Daugherty with so many Pastors completely supporting what whatever he asks for.

We must fulfill our responsibility at this time. The Clergy feel it. Our Blessed Families feel it. It's time for sacrifice. It's time for the end of bloodshed.

We march tomorrow.

More will follow.

Thanks America.

Everyone come to New York immediately and connect your family and lineage to this historic battle to guide the United Nations through action oriented religious leaders. Don't let this moment in time pass you by. Sacrifice and give your whole heart. This is our time in history, we must be very active and aggressive. God will bless you beyond your belief.

Bishop Stallings, Rev. Jesse Edwards, Bishop C. Phillip Johnson. Dr. Lonnie McLeod understand the Divine Principle and are leading the movement here. This is amazing. to see Rev. Daugherty with so many Pastors completely supporting what whatever he asks for.

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