The Words of the Jenkins Family

A Prayer Concerning The Car Accident Involving Our Young People

Michael Jenkins
September 22, 2003

Dear Family,

We are shocked and stunned by this tragedy. We express deep sorrow and remorse that our beautiful young people are going through such a path of tragedy and suffering. Kwan Jung Lee, son of Rev. Lee our Regional director in Seattle has passed into the next life. We pray for Rev. Lee and his wife and family. Rev. Hun Suk Lee is the Regional Director of Seattle Region. Nam Hi the son of Rev. Hwang is in a coma. We pray for Rev. Thomas and Kathleen Hwang who are national Messiahs to China. We also pray for the families of Alexei Belegrov, Jonathan Bonini, Solomon Pobanz and William Bowles who were in the accident.

Father gave a beautiful calligraphy for Kwan Jung saying he was a patriot on the front line and that he is a great victor. He was immediately connected to Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world.


Our hearts are heavy when we see so much sacrifice in our second generation. We have lost many. We sincerely seek you Heavenly Father during this time of trial and suffering and beseech you Lord that you might surround these families, especially the Lee's and the Hwang's with your infinite love and healing warmth. We pray also for True Parents comfort in this time of sadness. Please dear God, allow us to understand your heart and True Parents heart through all of this. Please dear God, allow the suffering of these fine young people and their families to somehow be marked in history so that their beautiful lives will turn humanity toward you. Please dear God, guide us.

Thank you God.
In my name.
Michael Jenkins.

Let us remain in prayer and be much more focused and vigilant concerning our responsibilities before heaven and earth. Let us walk this current 40 day course with more heart and sincerity.


This morning (Sunday)at about 8:00 AM (9 AM New York time) an STF van was driving to Houston, Texas. They were driving at the speed limit with all seat belts fastened. They were reading Father's words for study time. Suddenly, a pick-up truck from the on-coming lane (from the opposite direction) flipped over and landed on top of the STF van from above. According to the police, the driver of the truck was a 19 year old male. They did not release any information as to why he lost control of his truck. He was killed immediately.

The truck flipped onto the van on the right side. The co-driver was a second generation brother Kwan Jung Lee, in his first year of STF training. He sustained serious head injuries, and died at the scene. His father, Rev. Lee is the Regional Leader for the Northwest Region and lives in Seattle, WA. He was in Kodiak with True Parents at the time.

The roof of the van was destroyed. One second generation brother, Nam Hi Hwang, also sustained severe head injuries and is a comma. His parents are Mr. Thomas (Yoo Joo) and Kathleen Hwang who are National Messiahs in China. Nam Hi was the assistant to the team leader and in his second year of STF training.

The driver and team leader is a first generation brother, Alexei Belegrov, from the Ukraine. He is currently in critical condition at St. Patrick's Hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana. His parents have been notified and will come from the Ukraine to the US as soon as possible. He will be transferred to another hospital in New Orleans for brain surgery. . There were three other second generation boys in the van. They were all taken to Jennings American Legion Hospital Emergency Room in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Jonathan Bonini has a broken jaw and a few cuts on his face. He will be released from the hospital tomorrow. Solomon Pobanz and William Bowles were checked by the staff there and have no injuries.

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