The Words of the Jenkins Family

A Message From The Hoon Dok Session In The New Yorker

Michael Jenkins
September 25, 2003

Dear Family,

I'm writing now from the Hoon Dok morning meeting in which True Father is guiding us directly. Its so incredible, its like the early 70's in which Father directly guided the international teams. It is such an opportunity to be with Father and to feel his heart and love. He is currently walking up and down the center Aisle of the New Yorker grand ballroom. He is meeting and touching the members from England, Germany, Italy and now America.

Dear American brothers and sisters. Please come to New York now. Arrive by Saturday and depart on October 13. It's not for the sake of numbers. We need a collective heart of sacrifice in America. Father wants us all here and the American family is in the best position to respond. Every region, every state come forth, like you did for Cheon Il Guk Activity last February. Call your friends and relatives. If you can't come then sponsor someone to come. I am deeply grateful to you. You always respond when Father calls. America we are rising, but we have to keep going with each providence. I'm sitting in the New Yorker Grand Ballroom and we are just completing five hours of time with Father. He's speaking English, Korean, Japanese and Heart !! Sometimes Father is speaking and we just feel it.

Right now 40 more members would make a huge difference. Father has asked us to fulfill an important condition for the World Peace Rally next week at the UN. Father said we must shake New york and shake the UN. Then the world will follow. America, I know that you have a sacrificial heart once you know what Father wants. Believe me, he wants you here. He is directly guiding this effort.

It is a very important moment in history. I sense a spirit around Father that I have not felt before, like he knows that there is no additional time to restore anything if we don't make it. We have to make it now. Don't come part time. Sacrifice yourself from your heart and become full time. Father has made it clear that this is the condition that he is setting to restore the failure after WWII of America. This is a huge condition of grace for America and will secure our foundation.

Please, my dear brothers and sisters, we love you so much and know that your life course is full of trials and tribulations. We realize that so much suffering is going on and even our second generation is being struck directly at this time.

It is my prayer that the core representatives here can set enough condition to open the way of grace for you. I pray that we can represent you but we cannot cover your portion of responsibility. Father said that every man, woman and child should connect with this campaign. Please understand. Don't worry - just pray and do what God tells you. America will succeed but we want every family in America to build a treasure of spiritual condition that will guide, bless and protect all that you pray But are we not the citizens and chosen people of Cheon Il Guk and the fourth Israel? Are we not the children of the Living God. When you go to the spirit world won't you be most concerned to show what you did for God's providence. This is a chance now. All who come by Saturday night will receive a certificate that they fulfilled and participated in this 7 nations historic providence. That will be your eternal record.

My brothers and sisters, BOTH FIRST AND SECOND GENERATION, please pray and ask God what you should do. We know that our lives are not secure unless we are covered by God's love. Please be sure that what you do during this time is more important than being here. If it is not you will feel deep sorrow and regret when you realize what is going on.

Don't worry, just do what God tells you to do. When you are taking a shower or shopping, think about if God had to weigh your life course in the balance, would Heaven be able to say that what you did during this time is more important than having one representative from your family here. (first or second generation). If what you are doing is more central to the providence then fine your conscience will be clear. But if it is not then it will not be clear. Everyone cannot come, but one representative from each family should be here or set some condition to connect here. Those who donate to support others will get a similar certificate as a donor.

Its time now to move.

I saw the incredible glory of True Parents in our March for Peace in Israel and in our very profound trip into Gaza. I saw miracles before my own eyes a situation in which our way was blocked then suddenly it opened. I realized last night when Rev. Peter Kim shared how much Father had prayed for our safety several times, why we were protected. It was extremely dangerous. While we were in Gaza three missile strikes from Jets occurred. God protected us. America was with us. Israel trusted us and Palestine welcomed us. We must reconcile these brothers who are actually cousins by blood.

This is a very specific providence now. We must accomplish an amazing victory related with the UN and the New World Peace Council which will be an Abel counterpart with the functioning interreligious Peace councils.

Rise America. Rise up like you did when George Washington was able to reach out and touch your precious sons to sacrifice themselves for an impossible dream of a new nation. Institutions did not inspire the minute men. George Washington's heart and prayer did as well as the Holy Spirit of God. Don't wait for the church to tell you what to do, our beloved church institution is doing all that it can but this is a matter of the heart. It's between you and God and True Parents. Please help all brothers and sisters to understand this.

We are having an incredible experience. I hope to see you soon.



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