The Words of the Jenkins Family

Rise America

Michael Jenkins
September 27, 2003

Dear Family,

Now is the time for every brother and sister to put it on the line. We can bring peace. The Walls dividing us from the Al Aqsa Mosque came down (thanks to the gracious Imam's of the Mosque who were moved by Imam Bundakji of California). Father is absolutely right. Muhammad is giving total support from heaven.

We saw the wall come down that separated 28 Christian, Moslem and Jewish leaders from GAZA and with God's help and the cooperation of both the Israeli, Palestinian and American Authorities we went in and found the Religious leaders (both Christian and Muslim) who are committed to Peace.

Now is the time. Come to NY now, immediately. Father told us today he will come to the New Yorker everyday to guide us. Today he came, tomorrow he will come.

Don't you want to be with him. The door is wide open. Do you think there will be another chance like this to be on the front line directly with Father? Please don't deny your ancestors this opportunity to register their lineage on the battlefield side by side with the Lord of Lords.

This is real.

We are marching, from Jerusalem to Gaza to the UN Plaza.

Don't miss this history.

Let's march and pray that God's ideal of the Religious leaders guiding and blessing the Political path to peace becomes a reality for the US, UN and all the nations of the world.


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