The Words of the Jenkins Family

America Is Rising

Michael Jenkins
September 29, 2003

Dear Family,

I sincerely thank you for your heart and response to my recent letters. I know that when American's are clear they will win the victory centered on Dr. Yang, God and True Parents.

American's are "pouring through the gates" at this time. This is crucial for God's providence. America, please pour your heart into this now.

Father has committed to come everyday to the Hoon Dok Hae at 5. He is touching and guiding us, walking around and touching the heart and ancestry of all. Now is your chance America to come and be with our Father and Mother. There may never be another chance like this in history. Mike Yakowicz, David Coryell, John Ogden, Chris Ogden, Linda Nagai all showed up on the battle field today. Jim Gavin sent a beautiful contribution and is sending members from Minneapolis. Wow. America is really on fire. Every blessed family (Men, women and children) are coming from D.C. to Boston. Every blessed family - SEND MONEY - 4 W. 43rd St. NY,NY c/o Rev. Holt. If you send $500 you will receive a special certificate recognizing your family. Note on your check World Peace Rally - Participant Certificate / Donation.

This is our time. America must restore the WWII failure. We are doing it now. Today Father's heavy heart began to lift. There are 200 full time American's here now. Woman power is most strong and many western sisters have taken the front line. There is nothing that gives American's a feeling of Mom and Apple Pie than an American Mom that stands up and says enough is enough. We are going to shut down evil in America. Father said as the women stand up and unite and also show the tradition of filial piety to heaven and loyalty to their husband - America will change.

America is changing. Rise America, land of ancient dreams, send forth your light in sacred holy beams, in NY harbor a stony lady stands who holds up a torch to light up all the lands ---- Rise America land of ancient dreams !! (Courtesy of Alex Colvin).

Pour out your heart America. The tide has turned.



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