The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Amazing Providence Of God

Michael Jenkins
September 30, 2003

Dear Family,

We went to one of the most powerful mosques in America. The Imam has worked with our Japanese sister Mimi and Rev. Yuji and Rev. Compton. Rev. Schanker had the main Imam speak at the September 14th blessing symposium.

The key Imam Omar Abu Namous and Imam Muhammad Ali Shamsi have completely endorsed the October 3rd Interreligious and International Procession of Peace and Rally for Reconciliation - Peace Under One God.

They have given their names and the names of their organizations as sponsors. They are organizing key Muslim leaders to reconcile with the sons of Abraham.

This Mosque has a board of directors composed mostly of UN Ambassadors and is the main worship center for many UN Ambassadors. Imam Ali is bringing incredible support and is bringing Muslim children to sign that are seen on our website.

Today after meeting this beloved Imam we were so inspired. Mrs. Kathlene Goto from D.C. and Paschal from France have formed the Muslim outreach team. They contacted Mr. Hegazy who was inspired by the presence of 40 of our volunteers carrying Muslim nations flags in the United American Muslim Parade.

Dr. Hegazy came to the New Yorker to meet us. He feels that Allah is guiding us. Just as we were meeting the Jewish Leaders from Israel arrived, Dr. Shuki Ben Ami and Dr. Elieazar Glaubach who led the Jerusalem Peace Walk to victory came to work on reaching American Rabbis. They were moved by Mr. Hegazy (from Egypt) who has been doing interfaith work as a Muslim leader. He has been a prominent leader in the National Conference on Community and Justice. Within 20 minutes an incredible Jewish lady came over and met with Dr. H.G. McGhee and Mr. Hegazi, Dr. Glaubach, and Dr. Ben Ami as well as myself, Kathlene Goto and Paschal from France. It was a beautiful exchange. She has been working with Muslims and Jews for Peace since 9/11. Dr. McGhee leaned over and said, I want to tell you about Father Moon. In his deep voice. Eliezar and Shuki started connecting on Father Moon and supporting and speaking in Hebrew. It was over the top. She is now organizing for the rally.

Then suddenly Mr. Hegazy connected with his close friend the Imam in Brooklyn. He felt so excited. Then Dr. Ben Ami and Dr. Glaubach went with him and Katherine and Pascal to Brooklyn (the Jewish leaders had just finished a 16 hour flight). They didn't care - this is to save the Middle East. They went to the Mosque. The Imam is so inspired. He wants a bus and will bring 50 leaders. He was so excited that he came back with our delegation to the New Yorker and they all had dinner together in the Tick Tock Diner!!.

Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!

Imagine, Bishop Stallings, Rev. Daugherty and Dr. McGhee are going as Christian leaders to the Rabbis, the Jewish Leaders from Israel are going to the Mosques and the Imams are organizing to bring all together.

The Americans are Streaming through the Gates of the Holy City of Cheon Il Guk and the fourth Israel to plant their hearts on the soil upon which the Abel UN is being eternally established.

Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!

Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!

Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!

Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!Shalom, Peace, Salaam Ailaikam!!!

Thanks America.


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