The Words of the Jenkins Family

Alexei Belegrov Our Beloved Brother Has Made The Transition To Spirit World

Michael Jenkins
September 30, 2003

Dear Family,

Another of our precious young people in the Car accident has made the transition. Our hearts go out in love for his parents and his family and friends.

The Seung Hwa will be Sunday in WDC. The Won Jeon Ceremony will be Monday.

True Love and Tears for Heaven.

Thanks Alexei. History will remember you forever. The foundation of the victory of the 7 nations and the Abel UN is upon the sacrifice you have made for history. We are sorry that our condition and sacrifice was not enough to protect the providence and you and Kwan Jung stood in on our behalf. However, the movement is rising and your path will be an eternal light for others.

America and the World - Pray for these saints and keep the prayers coming for Nam Hi.



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