The Words of the Jenkins Family

Hoon Dok Hae - Major Providence Unfolding in NY

Michael Jenkins
October 1, 2003

Dear Family,

As Father is guiding us every morning, we feel that the hearts of the members from 7 providential enemy nations are melting together under True Father's heart and love. I just felt that as I'm sitting here with the 1200 brothers and sisters (300 Americans!!) from 7 nations we are making some kind of new beginning for the world.

As we are now expanding the Cheon Il Guk and The Fourth Israel we are establishing it through the Abel UN and then through October 3rd Interreligious and International Procession of Peace and Rally for Reconciliation - to embrace the UN and World Leaders.

Father's heart is pouring over the Germans here. He's touching all of Europe. Unlocking and forgiving the keys to our histories. Bringing America, England, France, Germany and Italy together as one with Japan and Korea and the Motherland and the Fatherland.

Enemies are becoming one through True Parents. All through True Love. Rev. Kwak, Rev. Hwang, Dr. Yang, Mrs. Erikawa, Dr. Walsh, Jim Flynn , myself, Alexa Ward, Joshua Cotter, Rev. Daugherty and Rev. Schanker, our National Messiahs and our Regional and vice Regional directors together with Rev. Song and Mr. Hashimoto representing Europe are all 7 nations representatives are becoming one centering on our True Parents.

I realized that some how the 120 from each of these seven nations are like the 120 that Jesus commissioned in the Upper Room to form and lead the second Israel.

Now, these 120 from the seven providential are the ones being called to be the spiritual backbone of the fourth Israel. We will combine with the Ambassadors for Peace (Religious and Political leaders) at the International Peace Council Conference - forming the Abel UN at the New Yorker Hotel.

This unified Abelistic Body will lead a procession of Peace to the UN and 12,000 will gather. This is God's will. We will embrace America and the UN at the same time and call upon them to place the Religious leaders in a central role.

Thanks America.

Father's Message will follow this transmission.



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