The Words of the Jenkins Family

Rev. Leone Representing The Elder Son Victoriously

Michael Jenkins
October 1, 2003

Dear Family,

One thing that makes us hearken back to the early days of our movement is the fact that some of the key leaders that worked with Father in the early days of the American providence are standing on the Front Line right now - right by Father's side.

Rev. Michael Leone is doing an enormous work here - he understands the Korean elders hearts and is one with me and the leadership centering on Dr. Yang. He provides an enormous force for unity and wisdom - based on providential experience. He's sleeping a couple of hours a day. what ever is needed, He's on it and making it happen. I can never forget how he stood so firmly during the mobilization of the Cheon Il Guk 2400 last year and made every possible effort to welcome all brothers and sisters from all nations.

He has Father's heart. He is co-coordinator with Jim Flynn of the overall campaign for victory here centering on 7 nations.

Thanks Mike and thanks to the Elder American Couples from the 777, 43, 1800 and all the earlier American blessings who have kept faith all these years, never forsaking, never leaving our True Parents. Many of them are now making major contributions to the Geth Semane Stone providence and sending their children to the front line.

Thanks America.


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