The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy Foundation Day

Michael Jenkins
October 2, 2003

Dear Family,

Today is the 16th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World. On this day the Abel UN is being established and on this foundation the 7 Enemy Nations who have restored their divisions through unity with True Parents and the Worlds Religious Leaders and Political Leaders who have become Ambassadors for Peace will lead a heavenly "Procession of Peace" to the United Nations. There we will demonstrate the power of True Parents to Tear Down the Walls between Palestine and Israel, between Islam, Christianity and Judaism and between North and South Korea.

We pray for the foundation of this Abel UN to embrace the existing UN as an Elder Brother and melt the hearts of the leaders of the world to say "we shall study war no more".

7 enemy nations are giving incredible sacrifices now.

God is working. Imam Bundakji testified tonight to the IIFWP with Jewish Leaders and Christian leaders by his side the God opened the door to the Al Aqsa Mosque , the Wailing Wall and Gaza and allowed the Children of Abraham to stream through the gates.

Sacrifice now brothers and sisters. You will proper on such a foundation. True Parents are on the Throne!!! Jesus, Muhammad , Buddha and Confucius and the Hindu leaders are testifying that all has been resolved in heaven. Now it will be resolved on earth.


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